Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July with Family

This weekend my little family of 11 (counting Lauren and her two boys) traveled down to visit my mom.  My "little" brother was already there.  One sister and her two children and a girlfriend would come and go during our visit and another sister with her three children arrived from Ohio that evening.  We were feeding 21 people for most meals.  I had made lasagnas, spaghetti sauce and pesto with pasta for our Friday evening meal.  We added bread and salad.  Friday was my brother's birthday.  He requested a blueberry cobbler, so I quickly made him one from the fresh blueberries that mom had picked that morning.  We had also made a Texas sheet cake and buttermilk pound cake with strawberry sauce to share.

Saturday was my dad's birthday, so we met with him and the rest of his family at his church's fellowship hall for grilled burgers, smoked ribs and various sides.  One of my half-sisters made a birthday cake and I made chocolate ice cream.

Sunday's lunch was bbq, baked beans and cole slaw that I made at home.  That evening Jeff grilled some great ribeyes and chicken quarters that mom treated us with.  The ribeyes were delicious.  

We took two tents with for the big kids to sleep in, praying it wouldn't be too hot. Jordan and Aaron slept in one tent and Kaelan, Emily and Haley slept in another.  What troopers!!

Now we are home and exhausted, but with much to do.  Devin is leaving tomorrow to visit a friend in Omaha for a week.  Lots of laundry to get washed and put away so she can pack up.

Nephew Colby and Jackson playing chase

Jeff relaxing in the swing

I joined him for a brief moment.  (Can I just say that he and I both need to lay off the homemade ice cream for a while?  Just sayin'.

Uncle Chance teasing the boys.

Slip 'n slide country style!

Kaelan with cousins Emily-13 and Hayley--11

Chase and Caedmon


Caedmon and Elisha in the wagon with flags.  They made up a little parade.

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