Friday, July 9, 2010

The Well-Stocked School Room

I am still very busy taking care of sick children, going to the doctors' offices and orthodontist office and even took one child to Memphis to the airport where she left me to fend for myself for a whole week!!  My house is a mess and due to results from allergy tests I am FORCED to clean things up and out around here or continue making my children sick.    Dust mites were Caedmon's number one allergen on his allergy test and unfortunately, there is a lot of dust around here right now.  Hopefully with Jeff's help tomorrow, we can remedy a good bit of that problem and then start work on the next problem.  Believe me, we have a BIG list of problem areas that need attention, but health right now is the number one concern.

I am still dreaming of planning for the upcoming school year and took a moment this afternoon to do a quick survey of school supplies.  I came up with this list for a well-stocked school room after doing my look around.  This is a far cry from the materials that I started with over 22 years ago and not everything is necessary.  I do like to find special pencils, pens, notebooks,  and other supplies on clearance and  put them up for little surprises.  Did I leave off anything that you find necessary?  I'm not talking curriculum or books, just supplies.  Are you prepared for your next session of school?

composition notebooks
notebook paper
copy paper
colored copy paper
white and colored cardstock
page protectors
tabbed dividers
index cards
sticky note pads
construction paper
drawing paper
hole punch
glue sticks
permanent markers
washable markers
colored pencils
paper clips
thumb tacks
poster board
pocket folders
dry erase boards
dry erase markers
copier/printer---Jeff bought us a pretty nice one a couple of years ago.  When we got home with it Jackson was very interested and asked about it repeatedly.  Jeff told him it was for his education.  Jackson used that phrase every time the printer was referred to for a while.  He was only two or three, so it was really cute!  ; )


Emily Bork said...

I'm no where NEAR ready for the new school year! I can't even decide on curriculum. EEEEK!

Roan said...

I can't think of anything you left off! I am currently cleaning out my schoolroom and taking stock of my school supplies. I am trying to gather things from all over the house and putting them back in a couple of central locations (the schoolroom, and the kitchen).
I also make sure I have laminating you have a laminator? Sam's is the best place to buy the 8.5 x 11 laminating pockets. I order larger sizes (like for 11 x 14) online.
I still haven't tied up the loose ends from May. Lots to do!

Kelly said...

Stopping over from Mingle Monday! I just did a Homeschool Post that you might enjoy!

Making butter sounds good BTW!!!!

Betty @ said...

Thanks for linking up!! I hadn't thought about brads...need those for our lapbooks. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

oooh page protectors. I did not even think of those!

Unknown said...

I meant to mention that I also have a household of allergy kids. Both my husband and son are really allergic to dust. I take our comforters to the laundry mat to wash in their hot water and dry in the dryers. I also wash all the sheets in hot water. The hardest thing for my son to give up was his books. He loves them, but I had to move them out of his room. We need to get a closed door cabinet for them.

When it comes to the allergy protection for the bed, we got ours from Target & Bed Bath & Beyond. It is a little bit cheaper than online allergy providers.

I know that it is hard, but I promise you that it does get a little bit easier.

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