Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jeff and I have finally solidified our plans for this upcoming school year.  I'm going back to some old favorites because they are easy to use and because they work!  I will be posting at a later time about what we will be doing, but for today my goals are to:

-get a bath ; )
-deep clean and mop the kitchen (we've had a busy few days and I have been gone for most of the day each day)
-organizing the school room (really just cleaning off my desk and the school table...otherwise it is organized)
-place my HUGE order for curriculum and books with Children's Books.  I have purchased from them for over 15 years and have  never been disappointed.  They have a great sale going on right now as well.  Check them out!!  For every $50 dollars you spend right now you will get a free book.   I'm getting several free books this time!
-begin putting together weekly folders for Jordan, Aaron, Kaelan, Jackson and myself--they will include weekly assignment sheets, Daily Grams, science activities, writing paper, any reproducibles, history and science worksheets, etc
-cook a great dinner...hmm...what will it be?
-read a book and play a game with Jackson
-do a few loads of laundry
-get the kids to clean the den after they made a huge mess with the train sets and villages while I was busy doing all the crossed out activities!

I know it won't all get done, but I will get most accomplished with the help of the children and get a good start on the school organization.  Lots of copies to do for this year, so I think I will have Kaelan and Aaron take turns making copies, putting them in order and hole punching them in order to put them in the notebooks.  I am so very ready to get my family on some type of regular routine.  Too much free time leads to the unveiling of character flaws which is another area that I need to set aside time to work on.  A mother's job is never done;  add in homeschooling and at times it can seem insurmountable.  But I know, with God all things are possible and He doesn't give us more than we can handle.

So what does your day look like?  Are you cleaning, organizing and preparing for the upcoming school year?  Or are  you up to your eyeballs in garden produce?  Or maybe you are in vacation mode?  What's up with you today?


April D said...

Sounds BUSY! We are in cleaning/organizing/procrastinating over vacation mode. lol. Vacation next week, then home again to hopefully get going back on our school schedule. We school through summer, but have been pretty much off for a month because I've had too many fish to fry.
I am interested to hear more about what you've chosen for this year! We are bogged down in Sonlight for my oldest right now and I desperately need to get back on track. Thinking that it may not have been the best fit for US.
Great job getting stuff done! May that list continue to be checked off!

Roan said...

I just blogged about what I have done for the last 3 days......getting ready for school! I think I am ready. Everything is cleaned out and prepared. I am little concerned about getting all the school done with 5 in school this year. Sam is really not "in school" yet, but I do have a few goals for him as a 4 turning 5 year old. Mostly make sure I read books to him each day in addition to naptime and bed time.
I have a few items still not delivered yet, but they should be here any day.

Laurel said...

We have homeschooled about 3 days a week through June and July, now we are planning a 4-5 week cross country Road Trip for me and 6 of the kids. (Papa will join us for the first 10 days or so.) We homeschooled through this month, because we took 6 weeks off for a Road Trip last fall. :)

We have all of our new Sonlight books for the fall ... but haven't even opened the boxes. We need to finish up this years' curriculum, first.

Trying to figure out how to get organized, when we have been living out of a lot of boxes and a storage unit, since putting our house on the market almost a year ago. Don't know if or when we will be moving, but we need to keep the house semi-ready ... just in case a realtor calls. So, we don't have our homeschooling organized as I would like it. :(

Hope you get your goals accomplished.


inadvertent farmer said...

Gardening, cleaning, some more.

Wake up do it again! Can't wait to see what you are using this year. kim said...


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