Monday, October 19, 2009

The Weekend-Camping and Blanket Making

The menfolk made it home in one piece, although Jackson was soaking wet when they came in.  Apparently you shouldn't STAND in the lake when you have holes in your rubber boots!  I got him in the warm tub with a cup of hot chocolate, but he is now sick.  Coughing his head off, runny nose and a little wheezy!  I think the windy boat ride and then getting wet did him in...  Praying that he will get well soon!

Doesn't my baby look cold?  I don't know why his coat isn't zipped up!  Maybe I need to go with him next time!

Sunset on Trace Lake

Around the fire during breakfast

Jackson is happy to play frisbee golf

Jackson with his buddy John

Kaelan and Devin made fleece blankets Friday night.  It was easy to do, but Caedmon kept crawling on the middle of the blanket in the floor!  He loved the soft fleece.  He has his own fleece blanket in baby blue made by our sweet friend Anna B. last year!   The girls' blankets are matching except Devin's is teal on the solid side and Kaelan's is pink.  They are looking forward to sitting on the front porch of the cabin in the mountains next week, cuddled up warm in their blankets sipping a cup of hot chocolate or sitting around the campfire.


Amy said...

Don't complain about Jack's coat not being zipped up - look at John - NO coat period :0
They had fun though and I am thankful for Daddies that want to camp out with their sons!

Roan said...

Clay said he got really cold during the night!
Those blankets are so pretty! I love that fleece. I hope we can see yall soon. I miss visiting with you!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

I camped with the cubscouts this weekend, 41 degrees at one point,
the positive side, when I got up at 2:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom, I realized I was probably seeing every constellation God ever made, that's the upside for me. What a blessing. Also, the Weebelows made breakfast and we're only Tigercubs... :) Gumbo & grilled chicken, & pancakes for breakfast. HOpe everyone is well soon...
The boys weekend looked like fun, wish ours had been specific to men only, as this was a 'family' campout, but know it was good for me to see the folks involved. As well as enjoy the great outdoors myself. Blessings all- Laura

Rachel said...

You are making me wish for cooler temps! We are in Texas and it is still warm and buggy! Looks like you had fun!

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