Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Swine Flu?

Swine flu symptoms:
sore throat-check
runny or stuffy nose-check
body aches-check
and some cases of diarrhea or vomiting-check

Jeff  took Aaron, Kaelan and Jackson to the doctor yesterday.  Each child had SOME of the above symptoms, but not all.  The doc actually said a sore throat was not a symptom, but I have read otherwise.
The other three children have experienced some of the symptoms and now Jeff and I have.  What do you think?  Swine flu or rhino/stomach virus combo?

On another note, today is Caedmon's first birthday.   We have not purchased gifts or planned anything.  So sad, but I didn't anticipate everyone being sick for the last three days.  We will plan a little party later....when we are all well or when pigs fly!  Whichever comes first!


Laura at By the Bushel said...

I know several people who have had it(real H1N1) That being said, no more serious results than with regular flu, just really, really yucky stuff. I'll keep praying that your household is WELL soon.
So you can celebrate your sweet baby's b-day!

Connie said...

I hope you guys are all feeling better really soon!
Happy first b-d to Caedmon!! My how quickly a year passes!!

Many blessings!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Caedmon! Now the "little honeybun" song is gonna be in my head all day :). Maybe eventually I will remember to email you those pics we took back in July...

Melanie said...

Sorry to read that you all have been sick. I hope by now that everyone is starting to feel better. We will pray for you

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