Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Signs of the Times

Have you noticed the new trucks that are probably driving around your town?  They are built like the infamous self-moving trucks that are usually orange in color, but these trucks have moving advertisements of each side, front and back.  The ads change as the truck is driving down the road and each side rotates about 4 different ads before repeating.  How do I know how many ads?  Because I was distracted by this truck yesterday that I passed very s l o w l y waiting for the ad for the new Mexican restaurant to reappear because I missed the location the first time around.  Hmmm....cell phones are driving hazards?  What about these advertising trucks?

Today I saw a large RV driving down the highway.  Not that unusual, but THIS RV was totally covered in one of those vehicle wraps that are quite popular now.  There was a big red hand that said something like "Don't mess with my health care!!"  It was huge.  I hope their message is heard!!


Laura at By the Bushel said...

Agreed, don't mess with my healthcare. Also, the ads.. distracting... I had a close call the other day, a lader flew off a truck directly in front of me. I drove into the center median to avoid, while going speed of traffic. No injuries, but thankful I wasn't dialing a friend or searching for a book on the floor. There's enough advertising to distract me.
p.s thanks for the encouraging words yesterday.

Jennifer said...

My husband actually wanted to get one for the car. But the cost was outragious! And I really don't like them. They're tacky.

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