Monday, January 10, 2011

A Snowy Morning

We had a little sleet yesterday afternoon and then a whole lot of snow that continued through the evening.  I measured the snow that had accumulated on the picnic table at 4 1/4 inches before we turned in for the night.  This morning Devin measured over 7 inches on her car...which is not a good spot to measure as the hood is slanted!  

Kaelan has had a sore throat for all weekend, but couldn't resist getting out in the snow.  I am afraid she has tonsillitis and will be going to the doctor in the morning.

Two cold girls!

7 inches!

Making snow angels

That's Devin under all those layers.  She said she was actually sweating!

Aaron is toasty in his camo cover ups.

Jackson doesn't believe in wearing a coat apparently.  Last night he ran out several times with bare feet!

Caedmon the red nosed snow toddler!

More pics coming later.  We only have about 100 or so to go!!  Just kidding!!  I won't post them all!


Loretta & Amanda said...

Everytime I see a picture of Aaron, I'm amazed at how much he reminds me of Jeff when we were younger!

Loretta & Amanda said...
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Anonymous said...

So happy that you all are enjoying the snow! Even though I am already tired of winter up here in Minnesota, I have to admit that it is beautiful!

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