Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ramblings for October 23

-There are eleven days left until Devin's wedding!

-Audio books are our friends.  Jackson teared up when we came to the end of My Side of the Mountain.  He didn't want it to end, so I put the CD back in!  ; )  I came across a free My Side of the Mountain Project Pack by Hands of a Child that I think we will work on next semester and we will read the two sequels together as well.  They are not as good as My Side of the Mountain, but this will definitely fit into our planned study of the KONOS Attentiveness unit.

-This morning the little boys were listening to Kipling's Just So Stories.  The reader has a strange voice and Caedmon was scared.

-There are eleven days left until Devin's wedding!

-We have pumpkins....lots of them....80 large pumpkins to be exact.  Yes, we will use them to decorate for the wedding, but I am also putting some of them up.  One pumpkin made about 15 cups of pumpkin puree yesterday.  It's in the freezer now.

-We have become relaxed homeschoolers or maybe even unschoolers.  Why?

-There are eleven days left until Devin's wedding!

-We've been getting very crafty lately.  Saturday three fall wreaths were made as well as 11 boutoneires.  This week we need to make sugar scrubs, salt baths, 7 bouquets and some other items as well.

-Our church is doing a study on Thomas Watson's All Things for Good.  Jeff is leading one of the small groups on Sunday evenings.  As we have a 30 minute drive to church on Sundays some of us redeem the time by reviewing the chapter on the way to church.  Daddy sometimes reminds the children to redeem this time.  This Sunday we were surprised when Jackson asked to read the book.  He is doing very well in his reading and will finish up level 2 and 2 1/2 of Explode the Code this week.  Thomas Watson was a Puritan.   It's a big stretch from Dr. Seuss to a Puritan writer!

-There are eleven days left until Devin's wedding!

-I need breakfast help.  Some of my family members are not happy about our wheat free diet.  Some of them are out of the home every day and are NOT on a wheat free diet. at. all.  I need some ideas for wheat free breakfasts.  My very spoiled family is used to homemade biscuits, pancakes, muffins and cinnamon rolls...every day!  Help!!

-Please share some of your favorite bread free breakfasts and/or a favorite audio book or series for the under 10 crowd in the comments.


Anonymous said...

I'm making a gluten-free dish for a ladies brunch tomorrow. Frittatas offer endless variety!

Anita said...

Yes, but my GF dishes also need to be egg and dairy free!!

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