Monday, October 22, 2012

Menu Plan for October 22-28

We made it through a crazy busy week!  I don't think we were all home for dinner at the same time last week and there were two nights that there were only four of us sitting down at the dinner table.  Praying that this week is a little slower as we relish Devin's final days at home with us.  Less than two weeks to go before her wedding.  We made some great progress in wedding prep last week and I hope to have pictures of some handmade items we will be using for the wedding soon.

Here is my menu plan for this week....minus lunch!  Lunch will be leftovers, homemade pizzas, popcorn, fruit and salads.

b-apple/cranberry crisp, bacon, eggs
d-little saucy meatballs, rice, roasted broccoli

b-corn meal mush with syrup and sausage
d-pork fajita nachos with sauteed peppers, refried beans and all the trimmings

b-baked oatmeal
d-homecanned chicken soup for Caedmon and chicken tortilla soup for the rest of us

b-apple oat muffins
d-fried steaks, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans

b-corn meal mush with syrup, sausage
d-chicken pot pie, baked sweet potatoes, pinto beans and corn bread

b-breakfast in a bowl--country style potatoes with sausage, eggs and cheese
d-grilled chicken, rice pilaf, grilled corn and broccoli

b-baked oatmeal
d-vegetable beef soup and corn bread

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