Monday, October 29, 2012

Menu Plan for October 29-November 4

Well, here we are in our final week before Devin's wedding.  As you can imagine we are finishing up final details,  putting on final touches to our wedding attire, hauling decorations, food and more to the church, decorating the sanctuary and cleaning the house.  I'm trying to make our meals as simple, but as nourishing as possible as I don't want anyone coming down sick.  I did buy a boxed cereal for our breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday morning.  My family couldn't believe it!  We needed something very quick for those two days, so there you go!!

b-sausage, eggs, grits
l-cheese pizzas and raw veggies
d-vegetable soup, flatbread and salad

b-baked oatmeal
l-cheese cubes, sliced meat, fruit and chips
d-baked chicken, potatoes, carrots, onions and butterbeans

b-cinnamon bread, sausage and eggs
l-leftovers and popcorn
d-baked potatoes with trimmings and salad

b-baked oatmeal
l-spaghetti and salad
d-pinto beans, sweet potatoes,  corn bread, raw veggies and apple crisp

b-pancakes and bacon
d-rehearsal dinner

Saturday (wedding day)
l-meat and cheese tray, raw veggies, crackers
d-ordering pizzas

Sunday (Jordan's 20th birthday)
l-garlic lime chicken, baked sweet and white potatoes, green beans, English peas, sauteed squash and onions, sweet potato and chocolate chess pies

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