Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Caedmonianisms-Funny Sayings of My Three Year Old

We've been spending a little more time in the car lately and Caedmon has been very vocal as we travel.  The other day when my mom and I, Caedmon and Jackson traveled to pick up our beef order Caedmon had two funny sayings.  Now, you must remember that we live in Mississippi.  My mother lives in the country and so do we.  If you drive for any distance in Mississippi you will be in the country...very rural and very nice.  We see horses, cows, donkeys and more;  and when we drive into our local town we even see zebras, bison and water buffalo.  My kids are used to seeing farm animals as we drive around and are used to smelling road kill...the most offensive being the fragrant skunk.  This makes Caedmon's "sayings" even funnier to me.

"What's that smell in my nose?"

"Wait a minute!  I just saw a cow!"

And yesterday, as we were in town he yelled out, "Wait!!  Stop the car!  There's a boat!"  We live 1 mile from a state park with a nice big lake.  We see boats all the time.  Maybe it's that he is just now being able to see out the car window?



Michele said...

Too cute! Don't ya just love that age!?!

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