Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Turning Those Routines into Habits

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Earlier this year I wrote about being inspired to get my home decluttered and organized after reading Kim Brenneman's Large Family Logistics.  I now realize that it may take a little more time than I had hoped to get my family on board with the routines.

Old habits are so very hard to break and with young people especially as you must constantly INSPECT if you EXPECT the job to be done well.  This has been a trying time for me as I assume my children (most of whom are well above the age of 10), can easily read the daily routines and charts and just get them done without me nagging  reminding them.  Sadly, this is not happening yet.  Dad has realized that he will have to step in and make sure everyone is taking their responsibilities seriously.

One of my major problems is that I have put my 6 year old son in the rotating chores which involve the living areas, dining area/laundry and kitchen chores.  This means that not only am I overseeing the older children's chores, but I am working with Jackson to get his done and he has never had this much responsibility before.  So we will continue in the training department and hope to see some success soon.

I have,  however,  been able to keep up with my own routines for the most part.  There are some areas of weakness that I need to work on, but I have found after doing a major decluttering in the master bedroom that I am able to keep it neat and orderly with no difficulty.  Decluttering my bedroom has lifted a HUGE weight off  my shoulders!  I have even been making my bed every morning for the last several weeks and that has made me feel so good.  Now you see where the bad habits in my children have come from!

The decluttering bug is sweeping through the house.  I have been cleaning out kitchen cabinets and putting aside things that I either don't love, don't use or have too much of.  Items were constantly falling out of my pots and pans cabinet, so I simply removed the oldest set of pots and pans and will put them in a yard sale or give to Goodwill.  The boys and I also worked in their bedroom and removed many items.  Our collection of CDs and DVDs has been culled as well.   The laundry room needs to be done and then I need to do a thorough evaluation of the school room.  I regularly declutter in there as it is a small area used by many, but the books, games and  craft cabinet need to be organized again and I am sure I will get rid of even more items.

So, are you working on some new routines and habits in your home?  Has the Spring Cleaning Fever hit you?  What are you doing to make your home more organized and clutter free?  Do  you have any tips to make training my children to actually do the routines easier?  How do you encourage your children to work in your home?

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Laura of Harvest Lane said...

I've been trying to revamp things around here, too. It's hard when the wrong habits have been formed.

Keep at it!

God bless your efforts.

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