Wednesday, March 30, 2011


There is still time to add your recipes for milk products here!

While we've been busy staying on top of all the milk coming in we haven't let school or extra activities slide too badly.  The bedrooms could use a good hour or two of work and reorganization and some floors need to be mopped, but sure and steady wins the race.  In spite of the extra work I am enjoying filling the freezer with fresh homemade butter, making yogurt and yogurt cheese and making all kinds of breads and treats with buttermilk and milk.

I found a recipe for making cream cheese in the Nourishing Traditions cookbook, but I am not sure it turned out right.  I need some help to determine whether this is indeed cream cheese and just needs to be whipped up some or needs to be dumped.  This is what I got after draining in a bag overnight.  The lighting is kind of dark, but the cheese is white.

The children have been busy creating as well.  Jordan has been faithfully tending the seeds that have sprouted in our dining room.  I will be glad when they can go in the ground and my dining room can be cleared of the extra table and plants. ; )  He is as always busily editing photos and writing.

And outside we have seven raised beds full of little sprouts.

Aaron and Kaelan have been spending lots of time practicing for piano and violin recitals.  Kaelan has been helping me in the kitchen a good bit and has also created a large hanging collage of the solar system that is suspended from above her bed.   She wouldn't let me post a picture, though.  She has been working on this project with Jackson.....and used up all our styrofoam plates. ; )  She also created a beautiful table arrangement of blooming dogwood.

Aaron has been experimenting with oil painting.   He is combining his love of music with his love of art. Above is an incomplete painting of Tchaikovsky.



And this is a drawing of Gulliver from  Gulliver's Travels.

Jackson has been doing lots of drawings and composing his magnum opus.  It's not important that his staff has more than five lines....he is having fun and always has one of us sing his latest composition.  The drawing in the lower right is Bill the Sheriff  with a "cactapus" in the background.  ; )

Creating does tend to mean that messes are being made, but it is very important to let the children discover the gifts and talents that the Lord has given them.  It is my prayer that my children will use their many gifts and talents in building up the Kingdom of God.  

Raising Homemakers


Loretta & Amanda said...

It pretty much looks like the cream cheese I've made in the past.

Kids and Canning Jars said...

I love to see like minded homeschoolers! Love the artwork Tell the little one good job!
My cream looked the same this week. I did not use fresh milk, but I was not in love with the flavor. So it is going into home made bread. Good luck.

Kimberly @ Raising Olives said...

I love art. I love children's art and I love seeing children express their passions in art. Thanks for posting the pictures.

Twisted Cinderella said...

LOVE the artwork!

Sarah Smith said...

That looks like the cream cheese I made from milk, too. I much prefer the flavor and consistency of yogurt cheese instead; it is much smoother and tastes great. You make it the same way (bu straining the yogurt in a towel over night).

Debbie said...

That also looks like the cream cheese I have made once before. Love the art work. Amazing talent! We are also doing Square Foot Gardening. It is fun and exciting to see the new life forming in the box. This is my first time ever gardening.

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