Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Eleven Year Old Daughter's Plans for the Year

Well, I guess they are really not HER plans, but they are the lesson plans that we have decided upon for this year.  Kaelan is my only female student these days.  Our homeschooling journey began with only girls.  Now we have only one girl homeschooling in the midst of four boys.  It does change the dynamics of our school!!

-Bible-All of our reading children begin their day with a time of Bible reading and prayer.  I mentioned in a previous post that during our group time we go over Bible verse memorization and read through the Proverbs of the day.  Most evenings Jeff leads our family in worship and Bible study.  Right now we are studying the Psalms using Kevin Swanson's study guide.

-Language-Learning Language Arts through Literature- purple and Daily Grams--I am thinking about buying the newer version of LLATL that has a student activity book which will cover grammar more thoroughly than the older version that I have.  If not, I will add in Easy Grammar.  We also cover the Latin and Greek roots using English from the Roots Up.

-Math-Teaching Textbooks 6 and Quarter Mile Math

-Typing-Typing Instructor

-History--All American History--Geosafari card packs relating to American history, games, reading lots of biographies and historical fiction

-Geography-Around the World in 180 Days-Geosafari geography card packs, games, missionary biographies, adventure stories and cooking

-science--tying in with Aaron's studies we will be focusing on weather, simple machines and other physical science topics using KONOS, KNEX kits and Geosafari card packs

-Polished Cornerstones--Kaelan has chosen to work on becoming a self-disciplined woman this semester.  After reading over the activities and studies from Polished Cornerstones, I decided to focus on this character trait for all of us this semester.  Our Bible studies will reflect this topic and we will work on developing good habits in grooming, exercise, nutrition, Bible reading and cleaning not to mention controlling our tempers and our tongues.  Kaelan will also do a little study on nutrition using Sue Gregg's Lunches and Snacks cookbook.

-Music--in addition to our composers study this year, Kaelan also takes piano and violin lessons.


Roan said...

Sounds like a good plan. I have Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up, and have not really used either one. I want to though. I need to make a plan! Any further suggestions?

Anita said...

it will be easier next year when I put Kaelan in Far Above Rubies to tie in the Polished Cornerstones. Both are based on Proverbs 31 and break down each unit on the verses. I let her choose which unit to work on and just wrote out plans as for any other subject.

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