Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aaron's Curriculum for 2010-2011

Aaron is our second son who will turn 14 in just a couple of weeks.  Last year we switched from Math U See to Teaching Textbooks and he has been doing double duty to catch up to where he wants to be.  If he were in government school he would be in the 8th grade.  Here is Aaron's  curriculum for the year.

-Teaching Textbooks 7--he is doing 2-3 lessons per day  He should finish by Thanksgiving at this rate.  Jeff is looking at  Video Text Algebra for Aaron to use after this course.    Jeff is exposed to TONS of curricula and is meeting many homeschool curriculum writers and speakers since starting up The Homeschool Channel.  He likes the Video Text sample that the creator sent to him although it is extremely pricey.  We'll see!  If any of you have used it, I would love a review!

-Typing-Typing Instructor

-Quarter Mile Math

-Learning Language Arts through Literature-green

-Daily Grams- 8

-Apologia Physical Science--This will be a first.  We are extremely textbook phobic around here and prefer to read living books and study nature.  We watch lots of science videos and listen to creation based cds.  Aaron is interesting in becoming a medical missionary, so I need to buckle down on the science.  My older three children gave up on Apologia Biology after the fifth module, so I am hoping that by starting with physical science (actually all the topics covered have already been covered by us in KONOS) he will be used to the format before high school credits start.  We'll see how it goes!

-All-American History--used as a spine and discussion starter.  We fill in with lots of biographies, historical fiction, mapwork, Geosafari card packs,  and movies.

-Geography-Around the World in 180 Days--we are studying Africa this semester.    We will read several missionary biographies and the children will also read some independently.  Aaron also loves to read the Ballyntine books that cover geography as well.  Geosafari card packs are also used.

-Spanish--Powerglide--I have had this curriculum for several years.  I am not sure how thorough it is and promised him that if he was diligent with it we would get his coveted Rosetta Stone.

--Music-A Young Scholar's Guide to Composers and piano lessons

-Art- Feed My Sheep by Barry Stebbing

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Anonymous said...

Not a fan of homeschooling. But you seem dedicated and extremly knowledgable - good for you. I can tell you have been doing this for many years!

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