Friday, August 20, 2010

In Which We Are Six

Wednesday was Jackson's sixth birthday.  He has been counting down the weeks and days for a while.
We usually start our birthday celebrations at breakfast, but Jeff has been going to work extremely early every day this week because of filming.  To compensate for this, we took Jackson by himself to Baskin Robbins Sunday night where he enjoyed a double dip cone.   So, Jackson had to wait until dinner time for his celebration.

Kaelan made a sign for his chair .

Last week we asked him what kind of cake he wanted and his reply was an Irish cake.  Devin has introduced him to the Celtic Woman and The High Kings, so he is on an all things Irish kick right now.
We tried to get him to tell us what an Irish cake was and all he told us was that it was four layers with chocolate cake and brownies!  So Devin, Kaelan and I brainstormed a little and decided to go with the chocolate cake and brownie layers and add a  couple of layers of chocolate mint ice cream.  He also wanted white icing.  He choose spaghetti, French bread and salad for dinner.  I tried to get him to choose a corned beef dinner in keeping with his Irish theme, but spaghetti it was!

Jordan googled "Happy birthday" in Gaelic and Devin wrote it on the cake and added in a few shamrocks and sprinkles.  It was delicious!

I have to throw in a picture of little brother Caedmon.  We do like our Gaelic names around here!!

Happy Birthday to you!

I am so thankful for this sweet boy who still climbs into my lap and loves to cuddle.  He still sneaks into bed with me occasionally in the early morning hours for a sweet snuggle.  I know this time will soon pass and try to enjoy it as much as I can.  


Amy said...

Tell Jack Happy Birthday again from the Blassingames! Love the cake!!

Sweet Design Inc said...

Your little guy might like Celtic Thunder also. We love it!! I love the Irishness of your family. I embrace my Irish heritage also.

Trixi said...

Oh, what a cute cake. Happy, Birthday to your sweet boy.

Anonymous said...

AW! he's getting to be such a big boy! The cake is cool!

Hannah r.

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