Thursday, November 12, 2009

More from Gatlinburg

This is the deck at our cabin.  Every morning we woke to more leaves scattered across the deck and the stairs.  By the time we left the leaves were several inches deep!

Devin in the drive of our lodge.

Jackson on his dad's back as we were riding in the tram up to Ober Gatlinburg.

The view from the tram.

Kaelan and Jeff ice skating.  It was the first time for Aaron, Kaelan and Jackson.  And no, I didn't skate! Someone has to be able to take care of everybody else!  Kaelan and Jeff were just talking about how they hadn't had a tumble when they decided to circle and promptly fell on their backsides.

Jackson pretty much held on the the rail the entire time except when a  couple of the older ones would take him in between them and go to the middle.  He did manage to stay upright most of the time.

My mom and Kaelan coming down the Alpine slide.  Jordan is quickly approaching.   They had to ride in the open ski lift to the top of the mountain to come down the Alpine slide.  This was the most fun for everyone, but wasn't cheap.  Next time we will buy all day passes and just let everyone ride all day long.

Jordan, Kaelan and Devin waiting for the rest of us to finish window shopping.

The view on the ride down.  We were just in time to see all the beautiful fall colors.

The other tram going up as we were going down.

In front of a restaurant in Gatlinburg
We only saw one LIVE bear while in Gatlinburg this time and it was a baby bear crossing the highway before going into Pigeon Forge.  We  had been told to be careful about leaving food outside our lodge as a moma bear had been seen in the area several times.  Made the kids a little anxious about getting in the hot tub at night, but not enough to keep them out of it!

Enjoying a treat!  We only bought treat like this a couple of times.  We took a bag filled with homemade cookies, water, crackers,  pretzels and even carried summer sausage and cheese for snacks and lunches.  Buying treats for 8 of us each day would have cost a fortune!  We try to save where we can on vacations and food seems to be one easy way we can cut back.

Caedmon eating a leaf shaped cookie brought from home.

Jackson with the remains of his chocolate ice cream cone.  He couldn't finish it, so Jeff and I split it!
And so ends another fun day in Gatlinburg!


Anna Beth said...

Hey Mrs. C!
those pics are soo funny!!! i love the one of Jack and Kaelan!!!
See you soon!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

This trip looks like it was so much fun. We've been in Louisiana so long, I forget how beautiful it is up there. I love ice skating! I learned how on a pond! across from my house in junior high.
Thanks for your comments re: Geo Washington. I always appreciate your insight, as such a seasoned homeschooler. Really. I have shelved many things, including my Konos which I love, for a while to gather us back into a simple plan.(trying to implement some SM simplicity :) I figure if I accomplish establishing a order of the day, and Jack learns to read this year, we'll be doing well. We're doing those things, and using materials like those I mentioned for reading, thought, copywork, Bible & some simple arts & music, then ... we've done well for our first 'year that would be Kindergarten.'
Likewise, I have met some 1 or 2 ladies locally that are schooling and have found some fellowship with them. We meet nearby at a park at least 1 a week, and have found it to be a big help in keeping us sane! God is good- so good, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog- and see you soon- Laura Enjoying those fall picts!

Kristie said...

Beautiful Pictures!

CabinsForYou said...

Looks like you had a blast! We're glad you enjoyed our beautiful city.

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