Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days?

Yesterday was one of those days for me!  We cut school short at 11:30 which is our normal routine for Tuesdays.  Five of the children and I loaded up for town, along with three coolers, a stroller, piano music, reading, coupons and a BIG shopping list.  I dropped Jordan off at the salon around the corner from his work to get a hair cut then he was able to grab a sandwich from Subway next door and walk to work by 1:00.  The others and I stopped by McD's for an oh, so nutritious lunch (not!) before trying to run as many errands as possible in a short time.  First stop was a local grocery where they had some good meat deals and a fantastic sale on butter.  I stocked up for all the holiday cooking!   The children stayed in the truck to finish their lunch while Caedmon and I ran in very quickly.  That stop went well!  Then off to Kroger where we would all be going in and making lots of purchases of sale and coupon items.

 We were getting out of the truck and I had gathered my purse, phone, keys, Caedmon's water and cereal and my shopping list.  I flipped the lock button on the door but left the door open while I was putting Caedmon in his stroller (with swine flu and all I don't like for him to ride in the shopping buggy).  The vehicle next to us was waiting to leave, but assured me that there was no hurry.  As I was strapping Caedmon in the stroller I heard the truck door slam.  With the phone, keys, purse, grocery list and EVERYTHING inside!  Kaelan was being helpful and closed the door so the other vehicle could leave without realizing that the keys were inside!

I had the three older children hop in the back of the truck while Caedmon and I went inside the store to ask to use the phone.  Did you know that you can pay your bills at Kroger?  After waiting for a couple of people to fill out forms to pay various bills, I was finally able to ask to use the phone.  Called my hero and he was able to leave work to come to the rescue.  However, we only have one key to this truck.  Every key we have had made for this truck breaks!  So he had to call the locksmith on his way to meet us.

Well, I missed the whole locksmith/rescue scene as Caedmon, Jackson and I were in the ladies restroom. Since having my gall bladder removed I have been having some stomach issues and with the McD's floating around in my belly and the stress of the moment, well, let's just say it wasn't pleasant.  And then, Jackson started having an  upset stomach.  By the time we came out of the restroom the truck was unlocked and the locksmith was pulling away.   By now, though, I had no time to shop at Kroger so we dropped off books at the library and headed to piano lessons.

After dropping off the pianists, the little boys and I headed to Kohl's where I had $20 in Kohl's cash.  Thought to find myself a skirt...HA!  Maybe some shoes?  HA to that as well.  I knew I would have to add some of my own money to the Kohl's cash, but I couldn't find what I was looking for.  After walking all over the store we finally picked up two Melissa and Doug products for part of Caedmon's Christmas.  $26 dollars worth of quality toys that I paid less than $4!!  My day was looking better!!  I did notice, however, that Jackson was dragging a little during our traipse through the store.   Hmmm...

Off now to pick up the pianists and try to do the Kroger run...again!  Both of the little boys fall asleep on the short drive, but we wake Jackson and gently put Caedmon in his stroller to continue his snooze.  As we are walking up to the Kroger sidewalk, Jackson throws up!!  Praying that no one is witnessing this I let him finish (what else could I do?) and then we quickly go back to the restroom.....where he vomits again.   Being the driven woman that I am I clean him up and ask  him if he thinks he could make it through Kroger riding in the buggy while I quickly gather things on my list.  He assures me he is much better and he rides in the buggy (ok, I live in the south and I call the grocery carts buggies!!) with a handful of paper towels in his lap.  (Now you will all start putting your babies in the strollers to shop instead of the buggies...It's people like me that I am trying to protect my baby from!).

We make it fine through Kroger and Jackson assures me he can make it through WalMart as well.   He does great, but I had planned two more stops yesterday and due to our delay at Kroger with the locked truck, I wasn't going to make it before 5.  So I take the children home, get everything unloaded and put away and then Jeff, Caedmon and I head out again to Sam's and then to Toys R Us.  We missed out on a roast beef dinner here at home, so stopped by Taco Bell for a quick bite. Just what my stomach needed!! We made it home before 8:30 to find Jackson asleep and the report that he was fine.  We got everything put away and sat down for family worship.  It was a long day,  but now we have plenty of food and I don't have to leave my house again this week!!  Yippee!!!


Roan said...

Oh Anita, I am laughing! I know it was not funny yesterday, but I am still laughing! I can identify! I have drug sick children through the store too! I mean, when you finally get there, you just feel the need to get it done! I am glad Jackson is better.
I will remember to sanitize the buggy Friday before I use it! Ha! oh, yeah, we shop at different Krogers!!
I hope you get to stay in for a couple of days!

Pennie said...

I can SO relate! My November 7th blog entry is about a day as sickening as yours (boo hoo) - and it also involves locking keys in a vehicle! (But my hubby was in another hoo) Glad it's another day, wouldn't you say? Have a great one! :)

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