Saturday, November 28, 2009

Did You?

Go shopping yesterday, that is?  I had grand plans for awaking early and hitting a few of the early bird sales, but I was up literally all night, holding Caedmon in an upright position so that HE could sleep.  Stuffy nose was keeping him awake.  I did discover that I could watch HGTV on and that made staying awake not quite so difficult.

The girls and I did manage to squeeze in a few hours of shopping yesterday afternoon.  Not really Christmas shopping, but buying up clothes bargains for the family.  I generally only shop a couple of times a year and this is one of those times.  The girls both got new boots (70 dollars originally, sale for 19.99, and extra 15% off of my entire purchase and then another 10% off as can't beat that!!)  I did buy a new sweater for myself, a jacket and a new pair of jeans.  I have lost a little weight and all my pants are getting too big.. the baggy bottom is not a look that I am after!    All three items were each less than 15 dollars and some closer to 10!  I don't buy anything that is not on a GREAT sale!!

Most of my Christmas shopping these days in done online.  I was able to get some early bird prices from Penney's from the online store for some much needed shirts and fleeces (not Christmas presents) for some of the children.  And FREE shipping as well.  My school and book orders are almost complete and one order has come in.  My Vision Forum order should arrive soon along with my Timberdoodle order.  I love both of these companies!!  I still need to place my Christianbook order and that will finish up my school and great books purchasing for this year.  If you need any school items or books for next semester, please consider shopping through my blog.  In the right side bar you will see links to Vision Forum and to Christianbook and right now VF has a sale on that will end tonight.  Check it out!!

Today ALL the children are coughing, wheezing, hacking messes with some sporting sore throats as well.  There is tons of laundry to do, a turkey carcass to make broth and soup from, Thanksgiving decorations to put away and Christmas boxes to empty.  Jeff and the boys managed to get all the boxes down from the attic yesterday and they are all stacked in the dining room.  Jackson has already been investigating.  He is quite eager to get the Christmas tree up!  Tomorrow is the first day of advent and I like to have everything in place before then.  Jeff and Devin are headed to Memphis to get a quick adjustment to Devin's violin, so there is just me and some sick children to get everything done.  I know it will not all happen, especially if I sit here at the computer all day!!

Praying that you all took the time to reflect on the blessings and benefits that God granted you this past year and that you now look forward to the Advent season---anticipating the coming of the Messiah!!  May the Lord grant you all peace this day.


Celee said...

Nope, I enjoyed the comforts of home all day and began working on my new series of posts for my blog. I have to get ahead before our routine hits on Monday! Oh, and I bought my girls boots for $9.99 each at Target, at least I think that's what they cost. They love them- they're Ugg (sp?) look-a-likes. And I desperately need new pants, but I HATE shopping for me! I love buying for my girls, however, but have to stay out of stores or I get myself in trouble:)

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Nope... I have a poor track record for behavior on shopping days post holiday... lol, so I just 'don't go there.' literally. I have just figured that on-line is the way to go for me. I do have something to do tho, usually with family, depending on where we went to vist or if we're at home.
This year we went to Shiloh National Battlefield, as we visited fam in Memphis. We probably passed you somewhere on the road (lol) Thankful this year for a limited Christmas list, with less pressure. Our family has been growing in many ways, spiritually & we have so much for which to be thankful.
Btw, we saw the Peabody ducks today, a first even tho I grew up in Memphis, and have been back there a million times. I guess it takes kids to make you see some of the things you missed the 'first' time around- hope you have a wonderful & healthy rest of the thanksgiving weekend- a blessed Lord's day tomorrow- Laura

Roan said...

No, I did not shop that day! I was traveling from one my parents' house to Jimmy's parents' house (about 4 hours).
I have also done most of my Christmas shopping online. However, a couple of weeks ago, I had a 30% off coupon for Kohl's. That coupled with a fantastic sale they were having enabled me to do quite a bit of Christmas shopping. I found several really good bargains.
I hope your children get well soon.

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