Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Okay, this is not a post about RUNNING as in getting my body outside and actually picking up my feet quickly and moving forward kind of running, but RUNNING as in errands.

I generally go to town on ONE day a week...Tuesdays, because Aaron and Kaelan have piano lessons.  Yesterday, I also had several errands to run, so this is what my afternoon looked like.

1. Dropped Jordan off at work, picked up a check from Jeff (they work in the same  building)
2. Ran through the drive through at McD's to get a chicken sandwich and COKE!!  (off the wagon, big time!)
3. Went to the bank to deposit check from number 1
4.  Went to the health food store (why is it that I can't get out of there without spending $100?)
5.  Went to the library to drop off an overdue book and pay the fine (now, maybe I can get online to check out books...I don't have time to actually look through the shelves myself!!)
6. dropped A and K off at piano after talking with piano teacher for a couple of minutes
7. stood in line at Hobby Lobby to return unused soap making supplies while holding Caedmon and trying to keep Jackson from picking up all the pumpkins, indians and scarecrows behind us and listening to Hobby Lobby employees discuss the cake decorating class with a disgruntled employee and then finally getting to the check out myself only to find out that I couldn't make the return without my driver's license, so back to the car with both boys to get said license then back in the store and back in line.....sigh!  Good thing I already had my Coke!
8.  on to make an exchange at Kohl's
9. back to pick up A and K at piano lessons where I actually see a real RUNNER, Lynn, who actually goes running while her son is at piano lessons
10. to Wally World to pick up prescriptions that got messed up LAST Tuesday and to grab a few groceries
11. to the park to kill a few minutes before...
12. time to pick up Jeff and Jordan from work

So yes, I am a homeschooling mom and have lots of super powers.  I might not be a runner, but I am super fast at running errands.  We even made it back home and had a great dinner of baked turkey (baked it yesterday morning) mashed potatoes and gravy (confession....for the first time in umpteen years I bought instant potatoes to replace the real potatoes that we would have had IF I had been at home....instant is just not the same), and green beans.  Then, Jeff and the kids were ALL in the bed before 9!!  If I could just get Caedmon to sleep, I would have been in the bed, too!  Super powers or not, this mom needs to sleep a little bit!


Roan said...

Run, Anita, Run!

Lori said...

Hmmm... there must be a t-shirt out there about the superpowers of a homeschool mom.... (smile!) I humbly bow to your clearly superior power of getting so many errands done in so little time!!!

Wait! Is that the Superman theme I hear playing.....?

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