Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Man Wants His Biscuits and Bread

Due to the constant struggle that 5 of us go through with eczema I was convinced that we needed to go on a gluten-free diet.  Others were not convinced . The Man thinks that it would be too time consuming and difficult to do.  Not to mention that we really like the bread sticks and pasta at The Olive Garden.  We were on our way to Sam's yesterday to do some stocking up and we discussed the gluten issue.  We left Sam's with 25 pounds of flour.  "Nuf said.  I will be making a trip to the health food store to buy a supply of fish oil, vitamin C, vitamin E and evening primrose oil.  It will take some mega doses, but I am hoping that all the extra EFAs will help clear things up a bit.  If not, it will be back  to the steroid cream.

I will also be saving up to purchase wheat and other grains to go back to grinding our own for homemade bread.  If any of you in the area are purchasing grains in bulk let me know.  I would like to see if we could start a co-op through The Bread Becker's in the Atlanta area.

My family will be thrilled to have pancakes, waffles, muffins, biscuits and homemade bread back in their lives this week.  I don't know why they couldn't be satisfied with a strawberry banana yogurt protein powder smoothie for breakfast.  Go figure!!!


Monica said...

Hi! What do you use the primrose oil for? One of my son's has problem skin and I am always looking for more natural remedies. Thanks!

Em said...

I, too, thought 'we' should go gluten free, but the simple truth is, if Daddy ain't on board, it's not happening. We still are doing much better, but I, too, am back to grinding flour and making bread.

I get my grains from Pleasant Hill Grains and/or Bread Beckers. SURELY we can get enough folks around here to start the co-op with them. I'll help.

Kimarie @ Cardamom's Pod said...

This is SO true - I'm finally learning how to incorporate healthy food Daddy-style. Everyone's a lot happier! This post made me grin!!

Hey - that catechism question looks familiar... what are you using?

I'm back to blogging occasionally after some time off. I'd love it if we could email here and there as we have time - would love to chat with another large family mom as I continue to reevaluate everything.


Melanie said...

I recently read in a health magazine that yogurt was helpful for excema. The article was specific as to what type helped. I will try to find that info and send it to you. I know that magazine is still in a pile around here somewhere!

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