Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Falling Off the Wagon and I May Not Get Back On!

During a hectic moment today, I confessed to my dear husband that I could use a Coke and a candy bar. I was really kidding, not!! But really, I didn't want him to go out and get them. But he did....and I just finished them... Sigh!

Today Devin decided to make boiled know, the ones with chocolate, peanut butter and oatmeal? The ones that you can't eat just one or two or, if you are like me, even three of? Do you know? THOSE cookies? I think they are all gone now. They were delicious while they lasted. We have some serious chocolate addictions here in Chambleeville. And Devin is such an enabler. She is the baker/maker of all things sweet and chocolate-y here. It's so hard living with someone like that! Another sigh!!!

Oh, well...tomorrow is another day and another opportunity to kick the Coke habit, again. But, just in case you want to have some sweet, chocolate-y goodness at your house, try this recipe for boiled cookies. I have also heard them called no-bake cookies. Delighful!!


2 c. sugar 1/2 c. peanut butter
3 T. cocoa 1 t. vanilla
1/2 stick butter 3 c. quick oats, uncooked
1/2 c. milk nuts (optional)

Mix first 4 ingredients together. Boil for 1 minute in medium pan. Remove; add peanut butter, vanilla, uncooked oats and nuts (optional). Stir only enough to blend and drop by spoon on waxed paper. Let set about 30 minutes. If you can!!


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of boiled cookies but it sounds yummy. I'm printing this off. If I gain weight, I'm blaming you. LOL

Roan said...

A coke a day keeps the blues away!

Thanks for being concerned for our safety!

Kimarie @ Cardamom's Pod said...

Well, doesn't Isaiah 55 say something about delighting yourself in fatness? Works for me! hee hee

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