Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Weekend and a Preview of the Week

Friday evening Jeff and I took some of the children with us to the monthly flea market here in town. We generally go to the flea market about one time a year and I am sure that there have been some years that we haven't gone at all, but we were really in the mood for a funnel cake! As we were walking around it occurred to me that there are really some "different" kinds of people in the world, aren't there? In the first building we found a booth selling homemade goats' milk soap and lotion and bought several bars and a bottle of lotion. The family who runs this business is a Christian homeschool family who live about an hour from us. I am hoping the soap will help clear up some of our eczema. Alas, we found no funnel cakes so we went home with our supply of soap.

Saturday found us climbing in the attic to bring down our fall decorations. Last year at this time I was 8 1/2 months pregnant and REFUSED to decorate the house for fall as I didn't want to climb around hanging garland leaves and displaying all of our turkey platters, etc. only to take it down and decorate for Christmas with a very young baby. The family was not happy about my decision and told me several times that it didn't seem like fall or Thanksgiving last year without our decorations. Many who know me IRL know that I love fall and have decorated our home for many years beginning in September. Well, I am NOT pregnant this year and I am proud to say that fall has come to Chambleeville. I even discovered new garlands that I had purchased after Thanksgiving two years ago to replace the older ones. Jeff and I then ran some errands with Caedmon in tow. First stop was Big Lots where I told Jeff I wanted to go to pick up a housewarming gift for some new friends. I knew they would have a great selection of fall decorations and I was SO right!! Got the housewarming gift, but also added a couple of new items for our decorating. In fact, I am going to go back tomorrow as I see a couple of bare spots that "need" to be filled with some of the items I saw at Big Lots. After Big Lots we were on to Hobby Lobby where we gazed at more fall decorations (but left them there) and purchased soap making supplies that I will use tonight at our Keepers of the Home meeting. Sam's was our last stop for the day where Jeff particularly enjoyed the samples. I was hurrying to get through Sam's as usual as we had already had a "when are you coming home" call from home. Every time I turned around Jeff was stopped at a sample display. So funny! I prepared a pasta dinner Saturday night and made up a recipe for spinach alfredo that was delicious!!

Sunday found most of the Chamblees in church. Devin had been sick for most of the week, so we thought she should stay at home. She and I tag team keeping Caedmon during the services, so Caedmon and I stayed home as well as I would have missed the services any way. I was able to spend some time in prayer and enjoyed working and praying through the day as things were mainly quiet. I have recently begun cleaning our floors with a bucket of sudsy water and a rag on my hands and knees. Since I am already there it's a good time to spend in prayer!! And I noticed it's much easier to clean the baseboards this way as well. I also got our school week planned to the "t". Jeff asked last night if I left room for life to happen and my response was "no". Just praying that "life", other that what I already know is going on this week, will be uneventful. I did check some school work of Jordan's last night that I had not taken care of yet. Jordan made a 100 on his Algebra 2 test which made me EXTREMELY thrilled. A good way to start out the week.

Today I do have some good plans for our school as we continue to study the explorers. Kaelan and I also have our monthly Keepers of the Home meeting where I will be leading in Bible study and in making soap. Tomorrow we have a library trip, dentists appointments for four of us, another stop at Big Lots and dinner with friends. Things should be quiet for Wednesday and Thursday. We will go bowling with our homeschool support group on Friday IF the children have been diligent in their work. Busy hands, busy minds and a busy week. Life is good again!!


I am Alive said...

Hey Anita,
Bumped across your blog for the first time.. Liked it...
What made curious more is your Name.
Isn't it Indian ?

Connie said...


I am going to pull out our fall decorations this week-end. My guys are like yours, wanting things to look seasonal around here! I guess I'm glad, or I'd stay in the same old rut!!

Best wishes a blessed week!

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