Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I think our unwelcome guest has departed. Jackson seems to be much better today. He is up and about and getting into lots of trouble. I think he is trying to make up for his two days of inactivity!! What is it about 4 year old boys? So precious, but so much work....God is definitely working on me through Jackson. But when he looks at me with those big eyes, I almost cry-- he is so precious. Just look at his picture in my sidebar, doesn't it just make you melt?

Right now he is trying to find batteries for his lantern. It takes 4 "d" sized batteries. He has a pack of AA, 2 D, and a B. Surely, if you combine those it would work...Onto a flashlight now...He is so fast! Earlier he was cutting up paper trying to make a castle and now the blankets that have been on the couch for the last two days are all over the den and school room in various tent making positions. He's back!!!

We are frantically getting math, Bible, logic and some reading done before heading into town for piano lessons, library visit, dentist and orthodontist appointments and hopefully a quick stop at Kroger. We go to town two days a week and I try to pack everything possible into those trips!! I LIKE staying at home...Makes my day more orderly!!

Jackson will be staying at home with Devin....I don't take children out if they have been vomiting or had fever in the last 24 hours. Don't like to spread whatever we have and hope others do the same.

This post is so random...reflection of my morning, I suppose. Off to check a math test.

After I posted this, I looked to see what Jackson was into now. He has Jordan's book of ALL the Chronicles of Narnia and is sitting down for a long read. I don't know if I will ever get him still enough to really teach him to read! Maybe it has pictures.


Jaden said...

I'm glad he is better
Be Blessed

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so sorry that little Jackson has been sick! Glad he's feeling better, I'll sure pray for him. His picture is indeed very sweet, he's so handsome. ;-)
My goodness, y'all sure are busy! We usually go out perhaps once a week to town and we've concocted a plan to do the month's shopping in a big trip to an Aldi's in the city nearby, which works pretty well.
Yeah, we've been aggravated with a bunch of people in co-ops and such who would bring their sick little kids out and infect all the people around them, it's highly annoying! Nonono, random posts are good! I don't comment much on here but I really enjoy reading your posts, and randominity is good!
May God bless you, and may His light pierce your darkest times!

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