Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Week One of Our Trip Across the USA!

Phew!! What a busy start back to school this year! Yesterday we started back full throttle after being off for Christmas break. We hadn't done much with our KONOS studies last semester due to having a new baby, so we were eager to get back to the FUN part of school.

Lauren and Chase have been here since yesterday morning....James has to travel a good bit with his state trooper job and Lauren doesn't like to be home alone. So far the last two days of our school we have had a full house: me, Lauren, Devin, Jordan, Aaron, Kaelan, Jackson, Chase and Caedmon!

Our KONOS unit this semester is the states and regions unit from Cooperation, vol. 3. This is my all-time favorite unit and is also the favorite of some of my older children. This semester, due to time conflicts, we are only co-oping with one family and meeting in my home. This will be like the old days when we first started a KONOS co-op here.

We have been looking at US maps (I have them on the dining room table under a clear plastic table cloth) and playing the Scrambled States game that I found at Barnes and Noble. Today Kaelan and Aaron began their poster sized versions of a US map. We first made a grid and labeled with letters on the top and numbers on the side. They then began filling in the northeast states. Each day for the next several days they will work on this map until completed. Next week we begin our study of the New England states. This unit is full of geography, history, great literature and terrific food. I hope to post pictures at least weekly of what we have been doing in this study.

Hope you can join us as we learn more about our great country! We would love to receive a post card from your state....drop us a line at and I will email you our mailing address. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, this is such a loverly new blog template! Y'all do KONOS? My mom was the virtual KONOS Queen in my mind, she did it with my older sister Cammirryn for years and years! Do you have the VHSs of the Hulcy kids doing the states and regions unit? We have them, they're hilarious. I recall doing a bit of that unit when I was younger, it IS very fun! It's funny, I saw this blogpost's title and I was like "Huh? They're going cross-country?" Lol, I guess in a way you are! I love all the pictures you post, I like seeing pictures on blogs for some reason. ;-)
Tell your son Jordan to post more book reviews soon on his HSB book review blog, his first one was very well-written!
God bless you, and may He make His light to shine in your darkest times!
Pippin Armour (Pip) from HSB

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