Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting Older/Nursing Mother's Disease Part 4

Yesterday I had typed up a very witty and engaging post about how I was losing my mind...I needed to tend to a child, so pushed the SAVE NOW button.. When I returned it was no longer there (my post)!!!...When one is getting older and has nursing mother's disease these types of mishaps can send one over the edge.

So about losing my mind...

The children and I needed to make a trip to town...I haven't taken them to the library since before Caedmon was born..(he was three months old Tuesday!) and we needed to buy horse feed as well as some salad fixings. We had all gotten ready to leave (which is a major undertaking) but I COULD NOT FIND MY WALLET!! We searched for about an hour to no avail. So, we squeezed into the truck (six of us in a five-seater....which is enough to make me lose my mind as well). We were headed to Jeff's office so I could pick up the check book and his debit card and it occured to me that I left my wallet in the car that he drove to the office. Great!! I will now be able to get it and use the cash in it to pay my fine at the library, so I can now check out more books/movies that I will probably get late fees on as well.

Well, my wallet is not in the car....So I think..We were at Barnes and Noble the last time I had my wallet...which was on Sunday. Now, we normally adhere to the no shopping on Sunday, the Lord's Day, but I really needed to get Shakespeare's Henry V which Jordan needed for Monday's know, our first day back to school in a month!! So we drive to B and N and I leave the kids in the car...go to B and N and ask if anyone turned in a wallet.... Sorry, but NO!!

So on to Scrugg's to buy horse feed then to the library and Kroger. Back home to put it all away and try to get a little bit of school work done. Then Jeff calls and I rehash my wallet story to him and it dawns on me that we had gone to B and N in the TRUCK, not the car on Sunday and I sat in the backseat with Caedmon and I had put my wallet at Caedmon's feet as he sat in his car I run out to the truck and guess what I find? MY WALLET!! RIGHT WHERE I LEFT IT ON SUNDAY!! I am hoping this will be my last post in this series. However, I am getting older every day and I am still nursing....So....who knows?


The Butterfly Catcher said...

Oh, this was too funny and familiar! I've suffered from Nursing Mother's Disease off and on for the past 11 years. I've often told My Honey that I think I've lost a few brain cells with each pregnancy!

Anonymous said...

Aw, my sympathies! Y'all have Krogers over there?! Usually when I tell people "Oh yeah, we sometimes shop at Kroger" they go "Shop WHERE?!" *sighs*
Thank you for commenting on my blog! Yes, I believe my older sister Camirryn loved KONOS when Mom taught her with that when she was a little girl. We have a lot of happy memories using it! ;-) Right now we use Heart of Dakota for my two younger sisters, and I am doing a Sonlight year. We've also done Tapestry of Grace, Learning Adventures, My Father's World, Christian Cottage Studies, Bob Jones, Abeka and tons of other stuff on the side in the past, I have no idea how Mom does it!
God bless,

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