Sunday, January 18, 2009

Confession and a Pre-view of the Week to Come

I have a confession to make! I am now addicted to blogging and Facebook. Why, oh why did I start on this slippery slope? Because of this addiction, my house is not in order, we didn't complete everything for school last week and I haven't even checked Jordan's work from Friday and maybe even Thursday. This is getting bad. I must discipline myself, but this is such a temptation to me.

Because of my addiction, we didn't get any cute pictures taken of our KONOS activities this last week. However, I AM going to be strong and resist the desire to check up on MckMama, Kelly, Butterfly Catcher and all my local friends throughout the day.. I mean, really, isn't once enough? This is crazy.

OK, now for this week's school preview.... We are heading up to New England in the morning. We will begin reading one of our all-time favorite books Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, learning about whaling, learn some sailing songs, learn how maple syrup is made, how cranberries grow and study about clams and lobsters. Along the way we will stop to make a New England boiled dinner, cranberry bread, maple crunch muffins, pancakes with maple syrup and clam chowder. My stomach is growling already!! The children will be doing LOTS of independent reading and continue learning the location, abbreviations and capitols of all the states with some interesting facts thrown in there. Hope to have some good pictures of all our fun to post next weekend.


Anonymous said...

Exactly why I have stayed away from facebook. Blogging & message boards are such a temptation and time suckers. Several years ago Ladies Against Feminism had a message board & it was eventually shut down because it was causing women to neglect their homes and "wander from house to house" on the web. It is an ever present temptation.
It is Robert E. Lee day here in the great state of Mississippi. We are taking a break from our normal school day to learn about all things General Lee. Sometimes we have Jeff Davis pie- I wonder if there is a General Lee pie?
Hope ya'll have a blessed day!

Heather said...

It really is a temptation, and I have tried to only check computer stuff once in the AM and, if I have gotten everything done (or close enough), once in the PM. One time I got sucked into this message thread thing on a mothers of multiple young siblings site... I never posted, but I just got drawn into these conversations some of the ladies were having. I would get so mad that I couldn't go to sleep, and Scott finally told me to take it off the computer! :)

Have a great day! We have a day of running from here to there, so I don't know how much school will get done here in Keownville!

Heather said...

BTW, we checked out a bunch of biographies on Friday! :)

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