Monday, December 5, 2011

Things Are Hoppin' on the Homestead

Starting off a busy week this morning.  Awoke this morning to the sound of the chickens going crazy.  Jeff went out to check on them and both doors were wide open.  Apparently a child left them open late yesterday afternoon.  Nothing seemed to be remiss, so Jeff just shut the doors back up.  The coop has outside doors and an inside door to where the chickens actually are kept, so they can't get out.

Saturday Jordan took our seven roosters to be slaughtered, so they are now snug in the freezer along with Mr. Hog who met his fate a couple of weeks ago.  They will be joined by a 1/4 beef later this week!  Ahh....lovin' that, but for some reason I am having trouble getting inspired to write a menu for this week.

We  (umm, I mean the children) are gathering about 20 eggs per day.  And no, we don't use that many, but I am able to trade for fresh milk.  This morning I've got two quarts of yogurt in the dehydrator and I've been making butter as well.  I'm not getting as much milk as I was earlier in the year, but right now that's about all I can handle.  I'll make more yogurt this week and then make yogurt cheese!  Yummy!  It's great with lots of added herbs for a cracker or bread spread.

This morning it's warm and overcast and rain is predicted for the next three days.  Jordan, Kaelan and I went out to the garden to gather lettuce, spinach and turnip greens for some meals this week.  I noticed the chives I cut down to the ground just a few weeks ago can stand another good trim.  I am enjoying added dried chives to several recipes.  I'll use some in the yogurt cheese spread.

Inside, today we will be baking bread, practicing piano and violin, doing some school work, wrapping presents, cleaning and Jeff will be grouting the tile in the back entryway.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we can get the kitchen painted and tiled as well!

Yesterday, I tried dehydrating some frozen figs.  That didn't do too well.  I'm sure it would have worked with fresh figs much better.  Does anyone have any idea about what I can do with three gallons of frozen figs?  We don't really care for fig preserves, though.  I hate to give them to the chickens, but with beef coming in this week, freezer space is needed.

Update:  My mom is getting the figs.  She has two lovely old fig trees in her backyard (which was my mamaw's backyard when I was growing up) and makes fig preserves every year.  She sent all her preserves home with my brother to Africa, so she will replenish her supply with these.

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Miriam said...

I have never worked with figs, but could they be used in a cobbler or pie? If not all fig, maybe mixed with some other fruit?

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