Monday, December 5, 2011

Menu Plan for December 5-11

I finally came up with a menu plan for this week.  I don't know why I was having a hard time getting motivated.    We will just "wing it" with breakfasts and lunches....lots of granola, yogurt, biscuits in the freezer,  and eggs.  Lunches will most likely be leftovers.

Monday-baked potatoes, beef/lentil chile and salad

Tuesday-baked chicken, lentil rice casserole, salad, bread   (I'll be baking three of our roosters in the big roaster and freezing the meat from two of them....then I'll put all the carcasses back in the roaster with water and veggies to make a big batch of broth to can on Wednesday)

Wednesday-pinto beans with chopped onions, grated cheese, corn muffins and salad  (I'll be cooking up a huge batch of pinto beans using our Thanksgiving hambone for flavoring.  I'll can beans on Thursday)

Thursday-pork stir fry, rice, egg rolls, egg drop soup

Friday-turkey pot pie, English peas, salad and dessert

Saturday-grilled bbq ribs, roasted potatoes and onions, green beans, creamed corn and squash casserole

Sunday-either with grandmother or small group

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Cinnamon said...

Sounds delicious! I just bought some chickens to make some broth too. And I'm going to make some veggie broth for the first time.

Ham bone to flavor the beans sounds yummy~


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