Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Saturday After

Whew!!  Lots going on this Saturday after Thanksgiving!  My to do list is quite long today and I hope to get much done.  All of the Thanksgiving decorations are put away, the turkey has become a gallon bag of meat and two gallons of wonderfully rich broth.  Most of the leftovers have actually been eaten.  Breakfast prep is underway and I  have already folded two loads of laundry. Here's the rest of my to do list for this busy Saturday!

-make bread-- three pans of cinnamon rolls, two normal sized loaves of wheat bread and 4 mini loaves of wheat bread
-can applesauce (yes, this was on my list a week or so ago and I have two gallons in the fridge that must be canned today!)--I may freeze the applesauce now
-mega-batch of spaghetti sauce for the freezer
-mega-batch of turkey pot pie base for the freezer
-mega-batch of turkey soup base for the freezer
-chicken enchiladas for the freezer and for tonight's dinner- made three pans!!  Yippee!
-finish the Christmas decorating
-finish laundry
-iron for tomorrow

Devin is busy crafting, but I hope she will make time to cut three of the boys' hair.  Jeff is doing some of his home business work this morning and will be taking our new-to-us Yukon XL in for an oil and filter change after breakfast.  The boys will help with some of the indoor chores and then move outside to clean up some leaves and trash and I hope Kaelan will be a willing sous chef with me in the kitchen.  Many hands make light work....or at least make the work easier to manage!!

I think that's more than enough for today!  What's on your to do list this Saturday after Thanksgiving?


Robin Lynn said...

Hello Anita - met you through Jenfier and was happy to stop by ... I like your little home on the web ... and whew! your to-do list is a humdinger! Grab your cup of tea and come visit me anytime @
... and I'll be back *you've got a new follower*
blessings - Robin

Kimberly @ Raising Olives said...

Eating leftovers, laundry, recovering from a nasty cold, playing games with the kids and hopefully a nap while UT beats Kentucky.

Celee said...

Anita- I've been following your homesteading and am quite impressed! We live in the city and have dabbled here and there, mainly with gardening. My family has lots of land, but it's all 50 minutes + from town. My dad is semi-retired from practicing law and my folks have been saying for a couple of years now that they're going into the cattle business. My husband and I are excited to raise our own beef. We've also wondered how chickens would do out there. Do you have to collect eggs every single day? I wonder if we could build a shelter that would protect them from coyotes, wild pigs, etc? We do have donkeys and I've heard they can be protective? We have a lot to learn and don't want to live out there, so that makes it tough. What do you advise? Also, do you think wild pig would be ok to eat? I know lots of people do eat it, but I've heard it tastes "gamey". I'm afraid I'm not very brave.



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