Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's Wednesday Already??

-This week is flying by so very quickly!  I still have a little one who is having an occasional struggle with his breathing and is/can be very grumpy as a result of his medicines.  But after not being able to do much other than take care of him for the last several days, I needed to get busy.

Yesterday we:
-Read our Proverbs for the day
-reviewed Bible memory
-reviewed our Greek and Latin roots
-read from Lives of the Signers (bios about the signers of the Declaration)
-read about the Boston Massacre
-did math
-worked with Jackson on phonics, Building Thinking Skills and sequencing
-sorted, washed, hung out and folded four loads of laundry
-had breakfast and lunch in there somewhere!
-health food store for soap, essential oils and a special tonic for STRESS
-library drop-off
-dropped Aaron and Kaelan off at piano
-took Caedmon and Jackson with me to the home health care store for 3 new nebulizers
-picked up A and K from piano
-shopped with all 4 at Kroger (found some great meal deals)
-ran into another local grocery for more meat deals
-stopped at daddy's office for a potty and soft drink break
-stopped at  Burleson's roadside nursery on McCollough Blvd. for tomatoes, peppers, watermelon and zucchini plants
-came home
-unloaded all of the above
-made sure dinner was in process
-ran to WalMart to get more basil, thyme, sage, onions and Miracle Gro
-back home to finish dinner prep to find Jeff weed-eating, Aaron mowing and Jordan tilling the corn patch
-made homemade laundry detergent
-put a large pork loin in the crock pot to make BBQ for the freezer
-had dinner
-to the garden to plant 30 various pepper plants, 3 zucchini plants, and six various herbs
-back to finish kitchen clean up while others helped the little boys with baths
-family worship
-computer time while getting Caedmon to sleep while Jeff was recording

Today is another marathon with school and house work this morning (hoping to get some bread on during the morning as well), dentist this afternoon followed by a trip to Lowe's and hopefully, Sam's and then home to plant tomatoes, basil, onions, watermelon, corn and more sunflowers.

I'll be glad to be at home all day Thursday and Friday!  Life is busy enough for me without leaving my house!  The other day as I was hanging out laundry I was I was struck with how thankful I was that I had all of these clothes to wash.  I know one day I won't have as many to do, so I became grateful that my work as a mom and wife is really never done.  And then I walked into the house and saw lots more work that needed to be done and my little time of gratefulness shifted to the shadows--for a little while.   LOL!!!

Piano and violins are going, Jordan is doing his school work at his computer, Jackson has laid back down on the couch for a quick after breakfast snooze and Little Bit is sitting in my lap eating his gluten, egg, dairy, taste free raisin cinnamon bagel and making funny faces at me.  Time for me to get the laundry going, put the bread on and let Aaron have the computer for his math  and typing lessons.  Wednesday is flying by!!


Em said...

I do hope by "roadside nursury", you meant Burleson's on McCullough! ; )

Love reading your lists. I've got one of my own that I'm completely ignoring today!

Hope your little one is better soon!

Anita said...

Yes, it was Burleson's. I bought from them last year as well. The flowers were beautiful, but I am concentrating on edibles first!!!

Anita said...

Yes, it was Burleson's. I bought from them last year as well. The flowers were beautiful, but I am concentrating on edibles first!!!

Roan said...

Doesn't it make you feel good to see all that you have done!
My joys switch back and forth to shadows too.....trying to stay more joyful though!

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