Tuesday, August 11, 2009

'THIS BOY" again!

Have I mentioned that I don't sleep at night? As soon as I relax in the bed Caedmon (who is our room mate) wakes us. Within an hour of putting him back in his crib he is up again. The only way I can get any sleep is to have him sleep with us in our bed. This is NOT ideal at all especially as I am a human pacifier for most of the night and we both are hot and sweaty. Needless to say, I am one TIRED, OLD mama! Which may be the reason I have caved in so much to Jackson's requests for movies this year. Which may also be why he has no interest in his ABC's and 123's. Believe me! I know! Horrible moma! This morning, before 8 he has asked for a movie. I was explaining to him that watching too many movies will make his brain turn to mush.

"What's is mush?", asks Jack.

"Mush is like oatmeal," says I. " We will be doing our school work and house work and playing today," I continue.

His movie choice lately has been Gene Autry or Roy Rogers. I could tell his brain was working. "But Mom, this is for my singing!" And now he is convincing me that it is filling many other curriculum requirements that he has for himself. "It has cowboys, guns AND music!" So THIS BOY will someday be a singing cowboy, I'm sure. But don't ask him how many legs his horse has or how to spell his name!

Off to stop the movie!


Em said...

This is such a portrait of a true homeschooling Mama! Thanks for making me laugh out loud!

Anonymous said...

Blah! Blogger ate my immensely clever comment.

Where have you been? Pencil me in for a cup o' tea.


Cardamom said...

Sigh of relief! It's nice to know other Moms have days like I do... just have to keep tweaking and adjusting...

Yes, my cowboy was getting ready to do some shootin' - we like to do that from time to time!

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