Saturday, July 2, 2011

Preparedness Challenge July 2

This week we added 100 pounds of pinto beans, 100 pounds of oats, a few pounds of sunflower and sesame seeds and two cases of rice milk to our pantry storage.  My daughter also made 11 pints of dill pickles from our garden cucumbers.

I also started my list of seeds to purchase for our next fall and spring gardens.  If we are going attempt to grow most of our own fruits, vegetables and herbs we are going to have to increase our garden space several times over.

Jeff and the boys hope to finish up our chicken tractor today.  They started it last Saturday and worked on it one evening, but then mid-week we all got sick and have not gotten back to it.  This chicken tractor will hold around 15 chickens we are told.  I was hoping to order 50 chickens soon so we could just raise our meat chickens twice a year, but we will either have to order more frequently or make two other chicken tractors.  The work on the chicken tractor has been more involved than expected, but there has also been a learning curve.  Hopefully the next one will not take as much time or thought to put together.

They are hoping to finish it up after the weedeating and mowing are done today.  I'll share the hopefully finished pictures next week.  I am still trying to track down the website that the instructions originated from but haven't been successful in obtaining them through my husband.  He has more on his mind than chicken tractors. : )



Amie said...

Keep us posted on your chicken tractor developments. I'd love to see the finished product.

Miriam said...

Anita, I'm curious where you get your dried goods in bulk? I've never seen anywhere around here that does that, but maybe I haven't looked hard enough. I know places here sell flour/oats, but I've never heard of dried beans.

Jason said...

Here is the original post:

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