Sunday, July 10, 2011

Menu Plan for July 11-17

Oh, my!!  It's already the middle of July?  How did that happen?  I've been busy solidifying our lesson plans for the rest of our school year:  writing out daily assignments, pre-reading some books, making out a list of curriculum to order, making lots of copies (only from books that are reproducible!) and getting the older children's notebooks in order.  It's always good to set aside a good bit of time to get organized so that everyone knows what do to and when to do it.  No need to wait on me and our notebooks contain all the copied materials and assignment sheets that we need to get the work done!

Menu planning is very similar to lesson planning.  Planning our menu keeps us out of WalMart for quick foods and away from the take-out restaurants as well.  Planning also helps me use what we have on hand and not have to send someone on a quick trip for an elusive ingredient or two.  So, here's what is cooking this week!

Breakfast-granola muffins, eggs and grits
Lunch-refrigerator cleanout and popcorn
Dinner-pork and broccoli stir fry, rice

Breakfast-pancakes, bacon
Lunch-stuffed sandwiches
Dinner-roast beef with potatoes, carrots, onions, butterbeans and homemade bread

Breakfast-baked oatmeal
Lunch-bean tostados

Breakfast-toast with jam, eggs, grits
Lunch-tuna sandwiches, popcorn, fruit
Dinner-grilled chicken and onions, veggie rice pilaf, broccoli

Breakfast-puff pancake with fruit syrup
Dinner-homemade pizzas, raw veggies and dessert

Breakfast-biscuits, sausage, eggs, grits
Dinner-baked spaghetti, pesto on pasta, caramelized onion bread, garlic bread, raw veggies, dessert (company dinner)

Breakfast-cinnamon rolls
Lunch-finger foods at church
Dinner-chili-cheese Fritos


Rachel E. said...

Your menu sounds delicious. I've posted mine over at http:/
As for your school preps, I only dream of being so organized. Ugh! I want to do that and I need to do that. Any tips?

trooppetrie said...

My goal is to really get better at making my menus ahead of time. that way i know what i have and do not have to think.

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