Monday, January 16, 2012

Normal/Crazy/Stressed? You Pick!

We've been passing around a cold here at Busy Hands Busy Minds for the past 11 days.  That included another ambulance ride and ER trip for Caedmon and then a doctor's visit for both the little boys.  Everyone else has started with the ocean in the head symptoms, coughing, etc and this morning...when I was so very determined to have a productive school day....I have no voice!!

I loaded up the car with six of us and we headed to our chiropractor for some much needed adjustments.  On the way home, Jackson (7) started vomiting.  And then, after we got home he started complaining about his ear hurting...again....and then threw up....again!

Jeff starts filming a new project this evening and will EVERY weeknight except two for the next three weeks!  Then he'll be home in the evenings (I hope) for two weeks and then head off to the UK for two weeks for more filming.

Tomorrow I will go pick up the grandchildren and bring them to stay with us for a few days while Lauren and James try to get moved into their new home.  Devin will stay with them to help Lauren...'cause she has already started having contractions and the doctor doesn't think she has much longer until the new baby arrives.

I have about decided that we need to not plan on doing school in January from here on out!  It seems we are ALWAYS sick in January.  I think all the extra sweets and rich foods from the holidays in conjunction with the crazy weather variations that are typical in MS in January combine to lay us low!

Thanks so much for stopping in and maybe we'll get back to posting about more interesting things maybe in March?   In the meantime, maybe you would like to read about WHY my daughter and her family are moving into a new house....find out here.  Or maybe you would like to see how we rendered LARD several weeks ago. Or maybe you'd like to see how we built a chicken tractor!  Or how Jeff and the kids built our chicken coop.  And I still need to post some pictures of our kitchen remodel....that we started the day after Christmas!!  I tell you, we really need a break!


Abby Jo @ said...

I totally understand, we haven't posted on our blog for a week+ to many sick kids on the homestead. Get well soon!

- Abby Jo

Trixi said...

After reading all of this, all I can say is wow, and bless your heart.
I hope you all get to feeling better soon and that everything goes smoothly for Lauren. I will be thinking about y'all.

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