Sunday, February 27, 2011

Menu Plan for February 28-March 4 and Rambles

I don't have a menu plan for this week.  Gasp!!  Eek!!

 We still have lots of precooked foods in the freezer and will continue eating on them:  various soups, spaghetti, garden veggies, pinto beans, turkey to use for salad, etc.  I also added two hashbrown breakfast casseroles, over a dozen sausage biscuits and whole wheat bread to the freezer.  I did not make granola last week and the canisters are now empty, so that must be done in the morning.  I did experiment with strawberry fruit roll ups and that was a failure.  I definitely need the silicon sheets for the dehydrator as they would not peel off the wax paper that I used.  They were also way too tart.  I didn't add sugar, but I will next time.  It's all a grand experiment!

Another reason I don't have a plan for this week is that Jeff will be out of town Monday through Tuesday, home on Wednesday and will be leaving again with Jordan from Thursday through Saturday.   Lauren and Ashtyn Claire are coming up for a day or two of shopping this week and leaving the boys home with their daddy.  I'm not sure when that is happening. I need to make a doctor's appointment, Devin has various duties outside the home this week and we have our regular school, music and work routines.  I always find it hard to plan when things are so discombobulated!  Which also means there may be some Sonic take out involved one night and some Chinese take out another night!  I know, so unhealthy and so CONSUMER-ISH, but I have a feeling I'll be needing a little break here and there this week.

I now close this non-menu menu plan post to get back to my lesson plans...which will be non-plans if I don't get busy!


Anonymous said...

I love Sonic! For some reason, my mom and me are like the only people in our family who like sonic burgers... but all of us like sonic ice cream! :D


Unknown said...

Hi Anita!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note on the barn door! We homeschool too. 13 years! I have a homeschool blog too!
We used to use the white sugar for our syrup too, but switched to an organic raw sugar and it still tastes just as yummy!

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