Sunday, February 20, 2011

Menu Plan Feb. 21-27

This week I am doing things slightly different.  I have a small freezer full of prepared foods such as vegetable soup, spaghetti sauce, broccoli soup, lots of pinto and white beans, shredded chicken, half a turkey and a casserole or two.  I also have a large freezer full of fruits and vegetables put up during the summer.  This week I am going to create meals from what I already have cooked and from the fruits and veggies that I have put up.  Both freezers need to be cleaned out and inventoried and I need to use up the food in there in the next few months to prepare for this year's produce.

We will most likely have the following meals:

-veggie soup with turkey salad sandwiches
-white beans with ham bits topped with cheddar cheese and corn bread
-beef pot pie (I think there is one in there!)
-turkey and rice soup
-corn on the cob, stewed potatoes, yellow squash, okra and green beans
-grilled burgers
-chicken and cheese quesadillas
-cheesy bean dip with corn tortillas
-homemade pizzas
-baked potatoes and broccoli soup

Hopefully this will clear out the small freezer and we can start putting together some other meals in the next couple of weeks.  What a blessing it is to pull out a meal that is either fully prepared or takes very little prep time straight from my freezer in the mornings!

While we will be eating mostly prepared foods this week there are several kitchen projects that need to be tackled this week.  We will attempt to make the following:

-granola--we are almost out!!
-strawberry fruit leathers (Roll Ups) from the strawberries in the freezer
-strawberry bread
-hamburger buns
-blueberry coffee cake
-blueberry pound cake


Em said...

Same here. Trying to get freezers & pantry emptied as much as possible before moving. I'm realizing I should have started sooner!!

Anita said...

Oh, Emily!! I would hate to think I was moving anytime soon! I was glad to see that ya'll were moving into a two bedroom trailer instead of a 1 bedroom house. You can do anything when you know it's not forever! Right?

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