Friday, October 1, 2010

Goat Milk Stuff Review and a Giveaway

Got milk?  How about goats' milk?    While I haven't yet brought myself to taste the goats' milk that my friend down the road has offered me fresh from her own goats, I have been using goats' milk soap for a couple of years now.  I recently discovered a large homeschooling family's home business which is making and selling goats' milk soap and other products.  The Jonas family began making their own goats' milk soap for their own family in order to help clear up a child's eczema problems.  It worked and others soon began asking for soap as well.  So much so that Papa Jonas quit his job and came home to make soap full time along with his wife and children.

Goat Milk Stuff has a large product selection with plain and scented soaps, laundry soaps, stick lotions, lip balms and much more.  I purchased the "Purity" soap for my little guys and myself and for the big guys "Musk Blend".  I actually told  one of my extreme eczema sufferers to use it on their hair as well and it got rid of the flakes!  This soap is creamy and oh-so-soft!  And it's pretty, too!

I also purchased the large laundry soap bar.  I grated it with a cheese grater and then mixed it with washing soda and borax.  This lasted for over 80 loads of laundry.  All natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals and no added scents.  Low sudsing as well for my front loading washing machine.

Another item I purchased was the Clean Cotton Lotion Stick.  It's like lip balm only for your skin!  It comes in a large tube that would fit great in your pocket or purse and is very easy to apply directly where you need it.  The Clean Cotton smelled fabulous, but was a little too scented for me.  The almost empty tube sits next to my computer, though, where I stop work and scrape out what remains to put on my dry, scaly dishpan hands.

How would you like to win three large bars of your own Goat Milk Stuff soap?  You can do just that by following these easy steps!

1.  Go to .  Look over the products and let me know what you would order in the comment section of my blog.

2.  Become a follower of my blog and let me know you did by leaving me a comment.  Or let me know that you are already a follower.

3.  Sign up for the Goat Milk Stuff newsletter on the website.  Leave me a comment letting me know you signed up!

4.  Become a Facebook fan of Goat Milk Stuff!  Click the link found in the lower left hand corner of their website at  Leave me a comment letting me know you fanned them.

5.  Follow PJ Jonas' blog at  Again, let me know by leaving a comment on my blog.

Wow!!  You get five chances to win three large bars of some fabulous goats' milk soap!  Hope to hear from lots of you.  This soap really is great and did I mention that it is very pretty as well!  So what's your favorite soap?



Cassia said...

I have been "eyeing" their things for a while . We would love to order the powdered laundry soap. We already use goats milk soap for my daughters excema and we make our own detergent..but we haven't used goats milk soap in our detergent.


Grace's Crazy Life said...

I just registered to receive the goat's milk Website newsletter. I think I'm already a follower of your blog since I receive your blog posts on my Facebook page, right? I would LOVE to order some of the soaps (any fragrance) and the laundry soap! I've used goats milk soap in the past. I LVOE IT!!!

Nicole Harmon

Tami said...

Anita, it's so good to see you back online! This is a totally new idea to me, but I have a weak spot for anything with essential oils like peppermint or rosemary. I love having a different soap for each season - I'm at the end of my summery scent, so this is a perfect time to try something new. I'm also sending this site to my niece whose son suffers terribly with skin irritations. I'm sure it will help him. Thanks Anita!

Becky said...

I went to their website and wow the selections they have look wonderful. I would probably get the laundry soap and the coconut or vanilla lavender scent soaps. I have got to get some because my eczema is acting up. Relieve is what I need LOL. Thanks for posting! We are enjoying these cooler temps, this Texas heat has been just about the same this year as you all have experienced. HOT!!!! So thankful for the cooler temps.

Becky said...

I am already a follower of your blog.

Becky said...

signed up for the newsletter too!

Becky said...

Facebook fan too!

Becky said...

I am following PJ's blog.
Thanks for doing this. It's pretty fun, kinda like a scavenger hunt. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Emily Borkenhagen said...

I want to win soap!
OK - I went to their site (REALLY pretty soap, btw!)

I would probably get the perfume counter or lavender soap. :)

I follow your blog - I don't know how to "become" one....I read it every time you post it on fb! :)

I'm going to become a fan of their soap on fb too - just as soon as I am done commenting here. :)

Thanks, Anita!

Kathleen said...

Trying to make goat milk soap myself...not sure how I am doing..would love to have some from someone who knows what they are doing!

Savanna said...

I am a follower of your blog!!!!
I love reading your post!!!

thatlittlehouse said...

I like the lemongrass soap

nblexp at gmail dot com

thatlittlehouse said...

I follow you on gfc

nblexp (at) gmail (dot) com

thatlittlehouse said...

I follow PJ's blog on gfc

nblexp at gmail dot com

thatlittlehouse said...

i subscribed to the Goat's Milk Stuff newsletter

nblexp at gmail dot com

Pam said...

Hey, Anita!
1. I went to the website. The soaps *are* very pretty! I think my favorites would be cool citrus basil, lavender vanilla, and pink sugary.
2. I've been an unofficial follower of your blog, but now it's official!
3. I signed up for the newsletter.
4. I became a follower of PJ's blog.

This is so exciting! Thanks, Anita!

Beth said...

I became a follower!

September said...

Hi there...

So glad to be back visiting here...
I have keeping my eye on the Goat Milk web site
Here is the item that I would be interested in:
1.)Soap Hand Foamer
2.)I am a follower
3.)I signed up for their newsletter
4.)I am now a fan of Goats Milk Stuff!
5.)I love their blog.. cute!

How fun! Thanks Anita!

Sharla said...

I am so glad that you commented on my blog and reminded me about this. I gave it a quick glance before but wouldn't have thought much of it. When I read through and saw the word "excema" I knew I had to read more! Our daughter suffers from severe excema and allergies and I had never heard that goat's milk products could be helpful. Thank you!

As for my favourite picks from their site, I would have to go with the bath bombs for me and the black cherry or lavender vanilla soaps for my kids.

I have also "followed" your blog. Thanks again!

Salena said...

1. The peppermint soap looks great and I bet it smells yummy!

2. I am already a follower!

3. I signed up for the newsletter.

4. I fanned them on Facebook.

5. I followed their blog.

Melanie said...

I was really impressed with the variety of products on the Goat Milk Stuff website. I was at first drawn to the lip balms... my lips have been irritated this summer. I went to the dermatologist a few months ago & he froze a large area that he said was pre-cancerous. OUCH! Lately, my lips have been itchy and I am wondering if I am allergic to the Burt's Bees lip balm I'd been using. I bought it trying to use something natural to prevent them being irritated. I have been "addicted" to lip balms for a long time; can't stand that dry lip feeling.
I also thought the Bug Off soap sounded really neat. Great to have the guys shower with before they spend the day doing yard work or go on campouts.
And finally... because I gotta stop myself... I would be interested in the Organic Castile soap for Baby T. :)

Did we need to do all 5 things you listed to qualify for the giveaway?

Thanks for introducing us to the Goat Milk Stuff :)

Melanie said...

1-Ok, so I already told ya which items I like from the website.
2-I am already a follower of your blog.
3-I signed up for the Goat Milk Stuff newsletter.
4-I became a Goat Milk Stuff fan on facebook
5-I became a follower of PJ's blog.

When are you doing the giveaway?

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