Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Blessings

Things around here have been a little more hectic and chaotic than normal....just a little bit.  In the midst of our every day housework, schoolwork, work on The Homeschool Channel,  receiving and giving of music lessons, shopping and cooking, we have had some sweet times of blessings.  Not saying that all the everyday business is not a blessing because mostly it is....mostly.  I thought I would share a few pictures from the last couple of weeks of what we have been up to.....

This little man had a birthday this month.  Now he is TWO!!  Time sure flies by!

The big boys set up three of their train sets from their early years for the little boys to play with all day.  You could hardly walk in the den and school room, but Caedmon is really into trains these days.  Anything with wheels is a "choo-choo."

The day after Caedmon's birthday we went to the Memphis Zoo where we intently watched the lions, giraffes, gorillas, and elephants.

Devin-22 and Kaelan-11 show some sisterly love.  It's a good thing they are close surrounded with all these brothers around here.

Jeff and Caedmon

Jeff and Jackson

And, the next day our grandsons. Chase and Elisha. came to spend the night with us for the first time.  Papa Jeff and the little boys Chase, Elisha and Caedmon snuggle up after a good night's rest.

Then, four days later our first granddaughter was born.  Ashtyn Claire is her name and she is a beautiful little girl.  OK, like a couple of her uncles and her two brothers, she is a big baby who weighed in at
 9 lb. 2 oz at birth.  I was so glad when we finally got to see and hold her!  Caedmon caught a stomach virus the day before she was born, so I didn't get to see her until she was 3 days old.

Photos are taking FOREVER to load this evening so I'll stop Granny's Brag Book here and add another page with more baby phonos this next week. 


Laurel said...

What a blessing ... grandbabies!

I cannot WAIT until we have some grandbabies around here. We're starting with the weddings though ... looks like we'll have 4 in the coming year. :)


Laurel :)

Roan said...

I haven't seen you in person in so long! I miss you! You look fabulous, granny! And I can't believe that Caedmon is two. And I still can't believe that you have 3 grandchildren! And Kaelan looks so grown too!
We have got to get together soon!
Miss you! :)

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Anita! I enjoyed looking at all your pics posted lately. What a sweet little girl! You have such a beautiful family. Hope all is well.

Erica :)

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