Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Order from Chaos

I  have been trying to create some order here in our home after the chaos that results after Christmas.  We still have lots of sweets in the freezer, but they can be taken out for treats throughout the next month.  All the Christmas trimmings and baubles have been gone through and put away for next year or to put into a yard sale.  The kitchen and dining room have been put back in order (except for my baking cabinet in the kitchen which will be cleaned today).  The den and schoolroom will get a facelift today and hopefully the bedrooms will have a turn tomorrow.  New books, games and puzzles need to find a home.   Laundry is always going here as I am sure it is in all large families.  It never gets caught up!

We made a Sam's run on Monday and bought up lots of salad items and fresh fruits to combat all the rich and fattening foods that have been consumed lately.  I have been losing some weight these last few months (I think due to my gall bladder surgery) but need to lose some more and Jeff could stand to lose a little as well.  We are gearing up for a year of change here in regards to diet and exercise.  We woke up one day and found ourselves overweight, out-of-shape and middle aged!  How did we get here??

We are also looking forward to sitting down and making out some plans for our family for this next year.  There will be a lot of traveling for Jeff and the older boys with The Homeschool Channel and we need to determine what trips the rest of us will try to make.  I have always loved attending homeschool conferences whether as an attendee or a KONOS rep, so Jeff's work with THC is right up my alley!  However, trying to school and then travel with the whole gang every other week?!  The travel is not really the stressor for me, it's the preparation and the return that involves so much work.    But meeting new people and developing relationships with them and deeper relationships with the family may be worth it in the end.  If you would, please pray for us as we start this new year.  We are wanting/needing to make some changes in our "school" that will be significant.  We desperately need to find a terrific buy on a 15 passenger van (so we can travel together in one vehicle) and we need to make some improvements to our home and property.  All will take discipline to set aside money and patience as we go through the processes.  We are also trying to discern God's will in finding a place to serve Him in a church setting.  Jeff misses being "in the ministry" in many ways and we really want to find a place for our children to learn to lead and serve others in worship and ministry.  The last three years have been very different for our family as Jeff had always been leading worship in our churches before this time.  He feels he is learning a lot right now, though.  However, we are all longing to find a home and fellowship.

As I type here Jackson stands beside me making a crown.  Cutting paper, using glue and glitter.... more chaos (not really, just a little messy), but he is so intent on his creation.   One thing we are striving to do is to encourage our children to be producers whether it be in the kitchen, with a camera, with a musical instrument,  with the written word, in a garden or in taking care of the home and property.  Always thinking and creating and blessing others with their creations and service.  It's quite fun hearing him explain to me each step that he is taking in making this crown.  I should have written it all down as narration!

I will continue to take comments for The Homestead Blessings DVD giveaway until tomorrow night (New Year's Eve) at midnight.  I will draw and announce the winner sometime on New Year's Day, so stay tuned!!


GiGi said...

Your goals for the upcoming weeks seem wonderful and inspiring. Im not sure what the giveaway is but the DVD sounds awesome. Count me in if I qualify!!!

Celee said...

I like the way you put that- making our children producers. We live in such a consumer society. Everyone takes and contributes nothing. My husband and father and I have looked into some type of small scale manufacturing. It's still cost prohibitive, but that will change as our dollar is de-valued. Eventually hyperinflation will turn us into exporters again. The only problem is we've forgotten how to produce in this country! I place myself at the top of this list. I don't sew, knit, can, garden, etc. I need to start learning!

Kimberly @ RaisingOlives said...

Sigh! We are behind in getting out of the chaos. Hopefully we'll put up the Christmas decorations today.

Blessings to your family in 2010!!

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