Friday, July 24, 2009

Training Manly Men

A few weeks ago Jeff and Scott B. cut down several trees that were casting shadows on my garden and growing over my clothes line. Jackson loves to do "real work" and cut down some trees (saplings) on his own. Not only did he cut them down, but he hauled them to the burn pile as well. I hope he continues to love hard work as he grows up. Manly men are so few these days.

BTW, you can click on each picture on my blog to enlarge. Then you can really see how cute (and dirty) my little man is!! Oh, and that construction site behind him? One day that will be Jeff's office, a music studio, guest rooms, storage rooms and workshop. One day.....

Getting started.

It's a big job!



1 comment:

Tiany said...

Loved this post! I homeschool my 4 boys so I can relate and I agree 100%!

You have a lovely blog!

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