Thursday, July 23, 2009

More from Iowa

We were in Iowa in order to attend and film the Fathers of Vision Conference held each year in the Des Moines area. this year's speakers were Scott Brown, Peter Bradrick and Kevin Swanson. While I didn't get to hear everything (having a ninth-month old in tow prevented my listening in on each session), I was able to hear Swanson's final session and it was convicting...and I am the mother...this conference was for FATHERS! Jeff also interviewed two sweet families who are living life for the Lord and raising their families with a multi-generational view. Most of the pictures here and below were taken on their farms. There are also several from the road. I think Jordan was bored on the 13 hour drive!!

We did make new friends while in Iowa and they live right here in Tupelo! Paul B. and his family moved to Tupelo the Friday before the Iowa trip, started work on Monday and was road tripping along with us on Wednesday. Welcome to The Homeschool Channel Crew, Paul!! Two of his daughters are in the last picture with Kaelan and Jackson. Kaelan really enjoyed spending time with Evelyn and Joel. Evelyn had her 10th birthday on the trip so she and Kaelan are the same age and are looking forward to many more road trips with their dads and time together visiting here. More pictures to come! Can you tell that I am enjoying Jordan's pictures? This is a new skill that he is developing and as we have only had the Canon Rebel for a few weeks I think he is doing great. Some of these shots will be included in the film version of our trip.

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Connie said...


It looks like you guys had a great trip!!
Tell Jordan that his photos are beautiful!!
Larry became interested in photography in high school - and continues to enjoy it, but there' just hardly any time for it.
I hope Jordan has years of enjoyment from this hobby, too!!

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