Thursday, May 21, 2009


Yesterday we had 25 people (that's not including the nine that were already here) for a birthday party for Kaelan. We had a great time fellowshipping with friends!! We haven't been as involved in extracurricular activities this past year, so we really soaked up the time with others. Jeff and Jordan left way before daylight to head down to the Orlando homeschool conference which begins tonight. I just called to check on them and they are breakfasting with Bob and Tina Farewell at the Chalet. I am green with envy!! OK, not really. I chose to stay at home with the children because we have so many other things going on this week as well. Next year, I will be there.

So today, we are cleaning things up from yesterday and getting ready for my mom and her husband to arrive mid-afternoon. This evening Aaron and Kaelan are playing in their piano recital. I think my sister is in town and will be joining us there are well.

Devin is playing violin in her first wedding this weekend and will have a rehearsal tomorrow night and provide some background music for the dinner. She has another wedding (much bigger) in a couple of weeks and will be meeting with the accompanists a couple of times to work on things with them.

Mom is bringing shrimp, so tomorrow we will have a grand dinner! A family get-together is almost incomplete without shrimp, whether it be in gumbo, fried or boiled! Yummy!

Continue to keep Jessica Hulcy in your prayers! Jessica is an amazing woman and has an incredible family. Read the lastest update at Good news from yesterday!

Back to the laundry and the mopping and the sweeping and the dusting and the.....nevermind! I just need to get busy!


Anna Beth said...

I'm glad Kaelan's party went well! I'm sorry we couldn't come! I hope your visit wiht your mom goes well also!

Pip said...

I had a question about the Homeschool Channel; was it Mr. Chamblee's creation or was it a collaboration project with a group of workers involved in the same areas? How far along is this project?
I'd heard about Mrs. Hulcy the other day; we'll be praying.
Tell Kaelan happy late birthday!
God bless~

Raising Olives said...

Happy birthday to Kaelan.

What a blessing that Devin is able to use her violin in wedding ceremonies. Amber played in her first wedding back in December and it was special for her to be asked and to be involved. It was also a great experience for her to work with the pianist to alter the music to fit the different parts of the service and then ultimately to change everything up on-the-fly when the whole bridal procession walked down the aisle much more quickly than in the rehearsal. I pray that everything goes smoothly.


Anita said...

HI Pip!

The Homeschool Channel was definitely not Mr. Chamblee's brainchild. Although we have always wanted to have a homeschool ministry, we NEVER would have thought up an homeschool tv channel. God has a sense of humor, though, and this has literally dropped in his lap (and our family's lap). They have been gathering support from some big names in the homeschool community and are gathering more right now at the homeschool conference in Orlando. Scheduled to go "on-the-air" Sept. 1, things are happening fast and furious. Currently, Mr. Chamblee is the only full-time HSC employee, but has all of the American Family Association resources and employees backing him up.

Continue to pray for Mrs. Hulcy. She will have a tough road to recovery during the next year. Specific prayer request for this weekend is that her breathing will improve so that the tube can be removed.

Is it your parents that have the homeschool business? If so, send me their info, if they don't mind, so we can put them on the contact list.

Mrs. Chamblee

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