Thursday, May 28, 2009

Of Books, Blogs, Babies and Gall Bladders?

I love books!! We have a good many bookshelves filled with wonderful books, but I need more bookshelves. Actually, I need more house to hold more bookshelves to hold more books. Homeschool conference season is in full swing and I love to look through all of the offerings for books that may or may not be on my LIST of desired books. Yesterday, I took a much belated trip to the library to return a few books and pick up a few others. I always run into the Friends of the Library bookstore to see what they have. In a small box marked 10 cents a book I found the following: The Dolls' House by Rumer Godden illustrated by Tasha Tudor, The Tune is in the Tree by Maud Hart Lovelace, The Adventures of Danny Meadow Mouse by Thornton W. Burgess and Call It Courage by Armstrong Sperry. Kaelan immediately grabbed The Dolls' House and set off to her room for a time of quiet reading.

Blogging just isn't happening on a regular basis right now. We have so many THINGS going on around here that I am not finding the time or the inspiration to blog about much. We do have a garden going, but it's been so wet that we haven't gotten the beans or corn planted yet. It may be getting too late, but I hope it will be dry enough this evening so the older boys can get the tiller out and get the beans and corn planted in the morning. I agreed to blog for The Homeschool Channel's blog last month, but, to be honest, I wound up having my first real case of homeschool burn-out and found it difficult to encourage others about homeschooling when I was discouraged. Am I allowed to have some burn-out after 21 years of homeschooling? I also think I am having some hormone issues which might have something to do with my burn-out issues...Hoping some Happy Cream will take care of that! We did make it to the Mississippi homeschool conference where I received much needed encouragement and made several curriculum purchases for next year. Jeff is now talking to homeschool business owners, curriculum writers, vendors, movie makers, etc on a daily basis and is receiving much encouragement from them in his work on The Homeschool Channel--which is in turn an encouragement to me as we are/will be meeting with many of these people in the next few months.

Babies are growing like weeds around here. Caedmon will soon have 4 teeth, is getting around by almost crawling, and can now put himself in a sitting position. He is also eating some solids, but mostly rice cereal. He turns down applesauce, bananas and carrots. He is a happy baby and I receive many comments about how happy he is. I always reply, "Wouldn't you be happy if you had 7 other people waiting on you hand and foot?" Right now he is being cuddled by his 16 year old brother. Caedmon's face lights up when Jordan picks him up. So sweet! Grandsons Chase and Eli are growing as well. Eli is about the same size that Caedmon was at his age--another chunky boy. Chase will have to watch out as both Caedmon and Eli are within 5 pounds of Chase's weight. Love all these baby boys!!!

Has any one ever had gall bladder surgery? Two times this past month I have had what we now know were gall bladder attacks. EXTREMELY PAINFUL! And I am NOT a wimp! I have delivered some big babies! A sonogram this morning showed many stones in my gall bladder. I have thought about doing a gall bladder cleanse, but I don't want to go through the pain that I had with the attacks. Anybody have any thoughts one way or the other? We are scheduled to go to the Iowa homeschool conference next week, but I don't want to go and risk having an attack away from home. What to do?


Connie said...


I hate that you aren't feeling well. I am sure you have googled all the things not to eat if you're having gall bladder troubles. Other than trying that, I don't have any advice.
Yes, you are allowed to feel burned-out. There are times in our lives when our carts a just full. We were there about this time last year as we were doing some home improvements/renovations. You just have to step back and do what is best for your family, although you'd like to be able to continue to "do it all". You have always been such a great encourager! You deserve a break! Don't feel guilty about taking care of yourself and your family right now!
I know I'm older than you, and I can tell you that the thing I miss most is being able to quickly recall a name or word I'm wanting to use. I am convinced it's hormonal. It's just plain embarrassing sometimes, especially when I can't call a name. I'm thinking I'm in that sandwich time. Earlier in life I had little problem recalling names. Now, I know that the name that is running through my mind isn't the right name, and as I mentally race to find the right one. In a few years from now, I don't think I'll realize the name coming to mind is the wrong one, and I'll be perfectly happy to use it - as I obliviously call the person by the wrong name! :)
Hope you feel better soon!
God bless1

Laura at By the Bushel said...

I was encouraged a little while ago when I saw that you posted 'a break' on your site. I personally needed a break from several things in my life, and saw someone else just stepping back from things, even things that are enjoyable, and even helpful. My blog keeps me on my adult toes. But it can get in the way of being a parent wife and friend. I'll be keeping you on my list of fav's even if you take a break,;) but most of all- I hope you'll feel better soon, and get the answers you need regarding health. -- Wishing you and your family all the success and strength you need in your endeavors. And will be looking forward to whenever you blog on your personal site!

MelRae said...

I'm so sorry you're having gall bladder struggles! I don't have any advice, but I WILL be praying, sweet friend! MelRae

The Sweetest Things said...

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling bad.My sister's gall bladder had to be removed. I hope you feel better soon and will pray for you

Kimarie @ Cardamom's Pod said...

Hope you feel better! When I had some hormone issues a year or so ago, it was so hard! My midwife suggested Evening Primrose oil - I took up to 2000 mg daily and within a couple weeks I was feeling better. I kept taking it for nearly a year, and was able to cut down on it, but I think I'm going to start it up again. Stress and just plain busy-ness definitely exacerbated the problem - and you probably have a little of that with the Homeschool Channel, etc. :-) Blessings!

Laura at By the Bushel said...

I take Evening Primrose as well in caplet form (500 mg each tablet) about 2 a day. I may bump it up after reading previous comment. But my obgyn suggested, I also take flax seed oil, in caplet form. I feel better, I know I do when I'm taking both.

Heather said...

I hope you feel better soon. I think Tracy Vainisi at church has had gall bladder issues. She is not a wimp, either, and I remember her telling me about rolling around on her bathroom floor in pain.

I think a very helpful post (if you ever get a few minutes... or even a conversation at lunch next Sunday) would be about different homeschool conferences you have been to... which are your favorites, which have the best curriculum fairs (I have never been to one), and which ones are close and worth the trip!

Mother Hen said...

I'm sorry you're having pain. I had one gall bladder attack and the stone clogged the duct and I had to have emergency surgery and get the gall bladder removed. I had no choice. I take it back, the surgeon gave me the choice of, "Have the gall bladder taken out or the problem will kill you in a few more hours." Not a great choice. If I'd had a choice I would have liked to have kept the thing. God gave it to me for a reason. My weight sky-rocketed after the surgery. I do wish I hadn't had to have the thing removed. Also, adjusting to digesting food without the gall bladder has been a challenge.
I don't know what treatment paths are available to you, but my advice is to do what you can to keep that pesky little bugger and try to rid it of the stones you have. You don't want a blocked duct, especially while away from home.
Oh, and my pain when I had the blocked duct wasn't very bad, just a gnawing something that felt wrong, kinda like indigestion. I'm a fair hand at dealing with pain, I've had some whopping big babies, too. But I think that the pain can present in many different ways. Stay tuned in to what feels good and normal, and any departures from that.
And lastly, I have not been able to find ANY published info (I'm not a great researcher) on life after gall bladder removal. Surgeons are really useful at saving lives, (sometimes) but dispensing advice for life after surgery is not a skill very many of them are adept at, not mine anyroad.
Email me if ya wanna talk more, hope I've been a help.

Mother Hen said...

Yeah, longest comment I've ever left in my life.

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