Monday, April 27, 2009

Bits and Pieces and Preschool in a Box

My computer crashed while Jeff was out of town last week. Jordan's IMac wouldn't let me look at my email or make a new blog post. We need to figure out why! Jeff has taken my computer to work with him to get a diagnosis from some of the computer geeks up there. I hope it's not too serious! Study guides, downloaded e-books, lapbooks, worksheets, the children's stories, my seminar notes, recipes, and much more are on that computer. How did we get so dependent on these bizarre machines?

In light of my post Regarding Television of a few weeks ago, I have been hesitant to say anything here, but here goes nothing! My dear husband has a new project that we are all excited about....and it regards television. Namely a homeschool television channel that will be launching this summer. Crazy, I know, but here we go anyway! The Homeschool Channel will be available this summer on Sky Angel and other outlets and also through high speed internet. We have some friends who are longtime homeschool business operators and curriculum writers who are very excited about this new oppotunity and things are rolling. The official website will be opening up later this week and there will eventually be bloggers there with nifty homeschooling ideas....hmmm...I wonder who they have in mind. Anyway, if you have a moment later in the week check it out at This is turning into a family project so our lives have been/are being turned upside down. Shake-ups can be good, right?

My six month old baby boy is sick....with the croup....and I have been up for the past two nights with him. He can't sleep lying down. I have started him on breathing treatments, saline up his nose, humidifier, trip to the chiropractor late last week. If we are up again all night, I think a trip to the peditrician will be in order. I'm tired and sore. I haven't posted pics lately because, well...the camera was broken at our field trip to the automobile museum and we haven't replace it, but my baby boy is a big 'un. At least 23 pounds and toting him around has done some damage to my left arm and shoulder. Bengay and a heating pad are two of my new best friends.

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of motherhood for me! In other words, it was Lauren's 25th birthday. She is not too happy about being 25. It's better than the alternative, darling!! She is now the YOUNG mommy to two growing little boys under the age of two. I cannot imagine....most all of mine were 4 years apart. Potty trained and ready helpers for the next baby. She is learning a lot!!

Lauren and James are planning on homeschooling their little men (are you surprised?) Lauren went to childcare at Delta State University while Jeff and I worked on our degrees, but just after her fourth birthday, we were home for good. James' dad was a principal and James went to kindergarten....for one semester and then began his family's homeschool journey. So they will be a second generation homeschooling family! How neat is that?

I have been thinking that for grandson Chase's second birthday in July, I would pull together a Preschool in a Box for him and his mom. She is excited about this, so I think it will be great. Of course, having had preschoolers in the house for the , ummmm....last 25! years, I have lots of ideas (and I have a whole bunch of them on my remember from above? The one that crashed?) Two great online sources are and (sorry, I haven't been able to get the linky thing to work--just cut and paste.) preschoolprintables has some great file folder games and I have made several for my own four year old and will be able to use them again with the baby in a few years. Activity bags are great little games and manipulitive actitivities that you store in gallon sized ziploc bags. We made several of these a couple of years ago and they were a hit. Do you have any ideas for things to include in a Preschool in a Box ? I am thinking handmade toys, a file box of different activities and resources on index cards for Lauren to read, file folder games, activity bags, flash cards, manipulatives, items for nature study and outdoor play....I am even going to make a rice box.....underbed storage box with lots of rice and cups from my laundry detergent bottles. Anyway, if you have some ideas, please leave a comment and let me know....I have a couple of months to work on this project, but you know....we are like so many of you and time is limited!! Looking forward to reading your ideas.


Raising Olives said...


What a great idea to do a preschool in a box for your grandbaby!

Just a thought on the rice box. My kiddos always love that activity, but I found something that helped with cleanup. Instead of rice, we use dry macaroni. The clean up ends up being much easier.


Melanie said...

Anita, Imagine my surprise tonight as I was reading on a blog that I've been following since last year and found a comment posted by you :) I'm referring to Mother Hen's blog over at "ship full of pirates"... now known as "meanwhile, back at the ranch". I called for my guys to come see that you had commented on Mother Hen's blog. it just hit me as funny having a real life friend show up over at my cyber friend's place :) The pics of your kids are great on your blog. Tell everyone hi from us. Hopefully we will get to see you when we pass that way this summer! Melanie

Caseybumpinalong said...

Hi Anita,
Wow - I've thought for a long time that we've needed a homeschool channel! How exciting! Can't wait to see it.

I was amazed at some of the responses to 4 little men's post, too - I've kinda wrapped myself in my own little homeschooling world and I forget that much of the rest of the world still thinks homeschoolers are weirdos.:)

Love your blog, and your children are precious! It's inspiring to meet someone who has kept up with homeschooling for so long. It can be done!

My HSADD has gotten much better, especially since I stumbled upon the concept of blogging (I say stumbled upon, I think God led me to it after much prayer for help). Such a wonderful world of homeschooling bloggers out there, who are always so encouraging and have so many great ideas to share. I love it! (Now how to figure out how to blog, homeschool, AND keep the house clean.... haven't discovered the secret yet :)).

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