Thursday, April 30, 2009

All's Quiet(er) on the Chamblee Front

UPDATE: Caedmon is down for a nap and not in my arms as has been the case for most of the week. So Jackson and I decided to make some delicious chocolate chip cookies for our snack time. We LOVE chocolate! Ting! Ting! I told him he could have 4 because he is four years old and I get forty- four because....well, just because ; ). He wanted to know if that was a lot. I assured him it was. His response, " Well, just don't eat the last one!" He's a funny guy!

It's pretty quiet around here today. Vary rare. The middle children have enrichment classes later today, then the last day of chorale for Kaelan and Aaron and shopping with Devin for Jordan. Then Devin has rehearsal with a violin group that will be playing at our homeschool group's graduation tomorrow night. The chorale will also be singing and Jeff has several responsibilities with that as well.

So, today, at home, just me and my precious little men!! I don't have to do math with anybody or give writing assignments or say, "No, you can't get on the computer now." Just me and the littles!! And I am so thankful for these little men. They will keep things interesting around here for many more years.

But that also means that nobody is here to take care of cooking lunch or dinner or do the laundry or do any cleaning....It's all me, unless I can get Jackson to get some things done. This week we have been working on his Responsibility Chart from Melissa and Doug. I hope to be diligent in training him to get his jobs done. Right now we need to get the hundreds of Legos picked up from the den floor so mobile Caedmon can get out of his high chair and have some floor time

And because Caedmon has been sick all week with the croup I have gotten behind in a lot of things. School work needs to be gathered and put away and there are several loads of laundry that need to be done, but first I think I'll HELP Jack pick up the Legos and then get another load of laundry going while we snuggle up for a good read. Reminds me of when I began this homeschooling journey with two little girls ages 4 and newborn. Now they are 25 and almost 21! We've come a long way! And have a long way to go! Thankful for the journey.... (and getting weepy thinking about it!)


Laura at By the Bushel said...

I'm working on a responsibility chart too. Have a question, how do you deal with children's desire for spending money, say a 5yo..
Any thoughts... I'm sure you can imagine what's been going on at my house to ask this question....
Thanks for posting this blog about your day with the littles. It's always a pleasure. Also, am interested in watching that show about Blessings or Burden.

Raising Olives said...

Amazing blessing to still have littles. I pray that we will be so blessed.

Will miss you while you take time off, but hope you get a lot done.


Roan said...

You are truly blessed to still have those little ones around! Wow! Makes me want to have a couple of more!!!
Have a good and restful weekend!

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