Tuesday, August 2, 2011

George Washington Carver: An Uncommon Way

I recently received this DVD in the mail from Franklin Springs Media.  I had an opportunity to do a review for Franklin Springs and I choose this DVD for many reasons.  It was a newer release that we didn't have and as we are in the midst of gardening season I thought it would be fitting for us to learn a little more about this great man who loved plants. 

George Washington Carver:  An Uncommon Way is narrated by Dr. Voddie Baucham, Jr. and is very well done.  Carver was born during the Civil War and never knew his parents.  His early years were spent in the home of a white family who took him in and raised him until he left them as an early teen.  He desired to be educated and worked hard to educate himself with the help of kind people that he met along the way.  He was finally allowed to enter a college where he met with much success.  

He was asked by Booker T. Washington to join the staff of Tuskegee Institute in Alabama and there he began his life's work in teacher southerners, both black and white, how to live in a post-war world when the plantation days were over.  Washington is well-known for his discovery for many uses of the peanut, but he was also a wonderful artist and a follower of Christ.  We found this DVD very inspiring and will be eager to see what Franklin Springs produces next.

Right now you can get George Washington Carver for only $14.95.  Well worth the investment for your home library!  Check out the other products from Franklin Springs as well.  You won't be disappointed!


Rachel E. said...

A fabulous person who contributed a lot to our country...This one is worth getting. I really enjoyed his park where he grew up.

April said...

Thanks for the review of it--we are looking forward to getting it to use with our history study next year.
hope you are all well! haven't stopped by to visit lately. :)

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