Monday, June 18, 2012

Work Week

We've been really busy concentrating on some heavy school work the last few weeks and things are really progressing in that area.  However, my house is a mess and I have lots of kitchen work that needs to be done this week.  I'm thinking we may be taking a much lighter school schedule this week so we can get some home blessings accomplished!

Here is my to-do list broken down for each day.  And yes, the children will all be working with me or by themselves on some of these.


--make grape jelly (I made the juice on Saturday from grapes that have been in my freezer since October!)
--dehydrate onions
--grate cabbage to make sauerkraut
--get boys' room and bathroom thoroughly cleaned
--get laundry done


--can all the frozen blueberries leftover from last year
--dehydrate more onions
--get dining room and kitchen thoroughly cleaned
--get laundry done

--make strawberry jam from last year's frozen berries
--dehydrate sage
--get laundry done
--get den thoroughly cleaned
--get girls' room and bathroom thoroughly cleaned

--pick blueberries at the local blueberry farm
--make blueberry jam
--freeze blueberries
--dehydrate onions or apples
--no laundry--the boys will be working on the washing machine drain pipe on Friday evening and it needs to be dry
--get school room cleaned...start organizing little boys workboxes

--dehydrate onions or apples
--find something to make with several bags of cranberries
--make a batch of soap
--no laundry
--thoroughly clean master bedroom and bathroom

--dehydrate something
--keep house in order
--lessson plans

Of course, we have an orthodontist appointment one morning this week and I need to do a few other errands as well, but this gives us a plan for the week!

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