Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pocket Reflections

Cleaning around the house

Adding things to my pockets as I find them in the floor

Today, once again, I realized it won't always be so

In just five minutes my pockets were full

Colorful magnets I use with Caedmon, 3,  for his "schoolwork"

A green army man

Two glass marbles

Empty nebulizer medicine tubes

An inhaler

A quarter

A colored pencil

Bobbie pins

All reflections of our days

Days that I am fully aware are constantly bringing change

Yes, there are still little boys here and will be for a few more years, but I can easily see those two little boys....just by glancing over at their older brothers....same age difference just a dozen years older

Asthma meds have been a huge part of our daily lives since....well, since I was a kid....but for my kids?  The past 24 years or so.  Thankful I am that there are empty nebulizer medicine tubes that I must pick up from the floor.

Jackson, 7 year old man child, has discovered money to be very interesting....counting, sorting, just looking at it

A colored pencil that could have been used by a number of the children...older and younger loves to draw, paint, create....

Bobby pins....a reminder that there are still a couple of young ladies living the midst of all this manliness

It's easier to see the changes, I think, as my children are so spread out in ages.  This year the children will be 28 (how can that be!!), 24, 20, 16, 13, 8 and 4....and we now have grandchildren!

Life is full of changes, seasons, scrapbook pages turning before our very eyes.....

Slow down and see the changes...


Cinnamon said...

I think we've got it the best as we can enjoy the grand-dumplings and our own babies.

It tends to remind me that I need to take more time with the little ones, enjoy them more fully, because time goes on no matter what.

Enjoy each moment~ Cinnamonm

Brittany said...

My purse tells a similar story! LOL!! Loved your post.

Tonya said...

Indeed. Pocket pick-ups definitely speak the tales of our life! :)

Jim said...

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