Monday, September 13, 2010

CSN Product Review

My friend with the CSN stores recently contacted me about working together again and I agreed to do a product review this time.  Have you looked at the CSN stores?  Over 200 stores with lots of fabulous products!  Childrens toys, cookware, all kinds of furniture including some nice dining sets and much, much more.   I am looking forward to picking out one or more products to review.  I am gathering materials to start making homemade soaps for my family's use, so I have already been looking at stick blenders, thermometers, kitchen scales and new measuring cups.  Don't you love getting new kitchen gadgets?

Check out the CSN link to the words "dining sets" above to find some great products!


Anonymous said...

i love csn!!!
i'm thinking bread maker this time around!! :)

Hannah V said...

I just found your blog....I've been enjoying reading it. :)

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